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Gettin' schooled

For a town that’s not generally considered a college town, Savannah sure is... well, a college town. While Savannah’s certainly better known to the world at large for our squares, our history, and for better or worse by celebs like Paula Deen, life here wouldn’t be the same without the students, faculty, and contributions of SCAD, Armstrong Atlantic State University, Savannah State University, Savannah Tech, and the other institutions of higher learning with a presence here.

COLLEGE ISSUE: Ahead of the curve

SCAD student set to direct feature film while still in school
Most college students wait until graduation to make that first big leap into their real world careers. Not Adam Nelson.

COLLEGE ISSUE: Food for thought

AASU’s required reading puts academia where its mouth is
In the last five years, more and more universities across the country have adopted the practice of assigning incoming college freshmen the same book. Common Read programs serve several noble purposes: They give newbie students a shared academic experience to jumpstart their scholarly chops.

COLLEGE ISSUE: The Connect Playlist

Savannah bands, musicians and artists you should pay attention to this year
People keep asking "What is the Savannah sound?" That's like asking a zebra why half his stripes are black, and the other half are white.

COLLEGE ISSUE: The cycling life

Need to outfit your dorm room or buy supplies to sustain you through the fall term? In a big box store you can get everything – furniture, bedding, a three–month supply of individual ramen packets shrink–wrapped together on a pallet  – all under one roof.


Seeking spiritual connection on campus
For college students seeking a spiritual connection, Savannah’s cup runneth over with faith–based organizations and worship services geared towards students’ unique needs and lifestyles. Evening worship so you can sleep in on Sundays.


There’s a whole world of sports in Savannah that you won’t necessarily hear about through your school. They open a door to meeting new people, whether they’ve lived here all their lives or moved here just like this year’s incoming college crowd.


Bouldering co-op opens
New to the ever–changing West Victory corridor — and just in time for an influx of students from other parts of the country where the sport is more popular — is Savannah’s first climbing gym. The Savannah Climbing Co–op opened its doors to an enthusiastic audience over Labor Day weekend.


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