Gimme All Your Lovin'

--hugs and kisses all around.

Sorry, Wrong Letter

--sounds like something else is happening.

RK'd Game

--it's really...kool?

Stop Eating in the Past

--dine for today!

A Numb Joke

--I can't feel my sense of humor!

Lucky Number Seven

--for the 700th Jonesin' puzzle.

Reversible Me

--they can go either way.

Hue Know It

--a shady situation.

The Big Picture

--you, your time, and your place.

What If?

--you'll find out soon enough.

The Short Version

--saving a few letters.

From Z to A

--not such a short trip after all.

Follow the Directions

--it's all about where.

From Start to Finish

--literally so.

Down to the Wry

--you'll soon see why.


--no theme, but you won't miss it.


--try to keep up!

Any Questions?

--save them until the end.

Metric Feet

--a conversion diversion.

Small Potatoes

--and the many ways to serve them.

From Milk

--we derive these new phrases.

Watch Your Step

--bad things are underfoot.

One Day in Rome

-- I think you can handle this.


--no, I'm not telling you to stop.

You Missed a Spot

--when things don't come full circle.


--more words to conquer!

Late to the Movies

--dang, missed the first two parts.

Flippin' Digital

--wow, will you look at the time?

The End Is Near

--x, y or z, it's all the same to me.

Make It Rain

--it'll be your downfall

Get Back

--return to what you know.

Get Two Rooms, You Two

--well, it's more than one.


--I gotta go get changed.

I Take It Back

--which will change my response.

Ron For Your Lives!

--that's all you can do.

Weave Only Just Begun

--freestyle and challenging.

I Know It Forward and Backward

--letters in alphabetical order, that is.

Something Themes Wrong

--restaurants I won't be visiting.

It's Really Nothing

--and nothing can stop you!


--what can I say? It's crossword #666.

Letter Chop

-- one splits into two.


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