Easy As Pie

Easy As Pie

--if you have the inside info.

The Bridged Version

--something is, uh, missing.

Turn it Down

--but not all the way.

Word Jubilee

--freestyle in action.

Go for It

--and don't stop solving.

Order in the Food Court!

--all rise, then be seated at a table.

It's HA-MA Time!

--2 legit to solve.

Bill and/or Ted's Excellent Adventure

--fellow travelers

Up With People!

--no, not the halftime show group.

Eat the Beatles

--get back...to the buffet.

Bar Hopping

--going from bar to bar.

Unfinished Business

--or finished, somehow.

O for Two

--singles only, please.

Free Kee

--another freestyle rife with words.

Wrong Side of the Mississippi

--for TV and radio stations alike.

Dual Roles

--we're going to name names.

Make It Your Priority

--that is, if you're Cookie Monster.

The Annoyingest

--the title is the least of your worries.

We're On the Air

--and the path is clear.

Enter the Dragon

-- I sea what you did there.

Back At Ya

--return the favor.

A Bit of Foolery

--remember who comes first.

F Plus Plus

--that's a lot of Fs

Sweet Freedom

--freestylin' it.

They're All Here

--so let's all jump in.

What If?

--oh, that if.

My TV is Broken

--so I'll do this puzzle instead.

...And Red All Over

--or at least at the start.

TL;DR -- I couldn't get past the beginning

This 'n' That--put it all together.

Systems of a Down--this is how things work.

Live Free and Style Hard--more wild words.

Ah Yes!--open wide and you know the rest.

Inside Out--a different kind of reversal.

Six Down--two letters become one.

Know Now!-and now you know.

"O No!"--prepare for an abrupt ending.


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