Latin Chicks opens second location

Latin Chicks opens second location

My Peruvian husband courted me with the superb concoction known as the Pisco Sour, so tread lightly at first,

Mongolian BBQ returns!

Ha Hot is an instant hit on the Southside
MANY SAVANNAHIANS over the years have lamented the closure of a certain Mongolian restaurant over on Hodgson Memorial, sadly demolished and replaced with a funeral home. Any time the place was mentioned it was sure to cause sighs, former devotees giving voice to yearnings for the all-you-can-eat, make-it-yourself offerings, and I’ve actually noticed a glistening eye or two.

'Welcome to the family'

Pacci's supper club brings everyone to the table
Think Mrs. Wilkes’ dining room, only with calamari and red wine instead of fried chicken and sweet tea.

A tribute to Grandma on Waters Avenue

I noticed it a few times on my way to places like Baraka's for Shrimp n' Grits, or late at night to pick up a Sloppy Joe at The Kickback: just a little joint on the east side of the street with folksy paintings of soul food decorating the storefront and bars on the windows. Yes, the neighborhood can occasionally resemble a war zone, and timid folks may hesitate to enter.

Locavores on Wilmington!

Blake's is a 'downtown kind of place without the hassle or high prices'
IT'S THE bright star of socially conscious cuisine, yet to those of us who remember big family gardens, grandmothers canning summer berries and peaches, weekly trips to the farmers market, or fishing & shrimping in the nearby creeks as just another weekend pastime... well, we may wonder what all the fuss is about. I’m talking about the concept of the Locavore, or, one who prefers to eat only locally grown or sourced food.

Talking with: Jobita Hernández

Couple opens Mexican food megastore Super International
SAVANNAH'S SUBURBAN Southside might as well fall off the edge of the planet to some downtowners. But when it comes to international cuisine, I think those of us who live among the traffic lights and shopping malls have the best of the city.

Hot & pasty

Pie Society opens much-anticipated City Market location
THE TOWN of Uttoxetter in Staffordshire is a pretty, sedate little place with a long history that stretches back to the Roman occupation. One thing the local housewives are known for is their fine meat pies.

Savannah Tech Chef honored

Vendeville's victory was announced at the awards celebration for the 2014 American Culinary Federation National Competition held in Kansas City.

Temptation@Tybee Island Social Club

Latin & Caribbean-inspired dishes satisfy
This is definitely a good place to make appetizers into a full meal and you won’t find just a set of deep-fried choices offered elsewhere on the island.

Black is the new Black

The Westin Savannah Harbor announces that Steve Black is their new Executive Chef.

Babe's BBQ hits a home run

Something tasty & new in Garden City
"If your shack don't burn down once in a while it ain't really that good a barbecue anyways!"

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