Where the dogs are

Where the dogs are

Take home an artsy pup from annual Friends of Animals auction Aug. 27
Each artist has a formidable following, which will surely make for a feisty auction.

Bill Fulton: ‘Lighthouse tourist’

Navy veteran has climbed hundreds of beacons all over the country
Fulton wears lighthouse-themed shirts. A miniature lighthouse shines in his front yard. He got married at a lighthouse.

Savannah VOICE Festival's Summer of Romance

Three operas are offered this month
Sung in French with English supertitles, director Fabrizio Melano looks forward to an intimate and beautiful performance

& now what?

Ampersand is the latest downtown performance space to close its doors, and creatives must get creative
OVER three years, Ampersand’s antique floorboards have been scattered with glitter, feathers, guitar picks, sequins, swizzle sticks, the occasional bobby pin, fallen from a wig. The three-story restaurant/club/venue has opened its doors to countless performers, from rock stars to drag queens to comedians.

Who wants to saddle up a unicorn?

Fantasy trail ride makes dreams come true
OBVIOUSLY, you’re a princess.

Let's hear it for the boys!

First annual Mr. Savannah pageant lets local gents strut their stuff
Mr. Savannah himself is expected to be a well-rounded individual who excels in each category of the competition

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