A good parade isn't so hard to find

A good parade isn't so hard to find

Celebrate Flannery O'Connor's birthday with fanfare, local authors, costumes and cake
IF THERE'S anywhere more appropriate to break out your grandmother’s lace gloves on a spring Sunday than Lafayette Square, I’ll eat the matching hat.

‘A Catholic school on a Protestant island’

Exploring what remains of a Benedictine school for freedmen on Skidaway Island
WHEN A school falls in the woods, does it make a sound?

Celtic Woman: The Voices of Angels Tour

A talk with Éabha McMahon and Tara McNeill
BEING A singer in Celtic Woman had been a long-held dream for Éabha McMahon. Now, after more than a year in the group, she feels the reality of being a Celtic Woman has exceeded how she envisioned life in the group.

A special musical treat at Tara Feis

Headlining band The Outside Track combines Celtic music traditions into one fun show
'Our goal is to spread this music and these traditions to as many people as we can'

Literary son Zach Powers returns for lecture at Flannery O’Connor Home

With Gravity Changes, the winner of the BOA Short Fiction Prize has channeled the quirkiness of his hometown into tightly-written, mind-stretching stories that feature children who walk on walls, lightbulbs as romantic partners and yaks that talk.

Poet Emily Rosko: 'The distillation of a difficult state of mind’

"Poetry, at its best, ought to shake us out of our habits of convenience and our typical patterns of thought. When I say this, though, I am not saying that poetry has to be highly erudite or has to evade meaning in order to be good."

Beauty & The Beast, in dance

South Carolina Ballet is bringing back its production of Beauty & The Beast with more dazzle and grace than ever before.

Farewell to Muse

Savannah's cultural community reflects on inspiring legacy of Muse Arts Warehouse
'We accomplished our mission'

Super Museum Sunday is always a winner

Annual event brings about 16,000 to local museums and sites
SEEING AS each year Super Museum Sunday comes hours prior to your company joining you in front of the big screen for the most anticipated football game of the year, you could almost consider this event the official Super Bowl Kickoff. This year, 88 historic sites, houses and museums were opened for free throughout Georgia, 54 of these sites belonging to Savannah or not to far from Savannah.

Dear folks, everything is possible

Local couple publishes separate—but complementary—memoirs
Before their stories converged, however, there were two tremendously different tales.

Get lit with Kim Addonizio

‘Bukowski in a sundress’ will read at The Book Lady
With scathing humor, accessible language, and unflinching honesty, Addonizio’s barstool musings and raw verse have been published in six poetry collections

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