Editor's Note: The #PeachBreach and you

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s office has revealed confidential personal data, including Social Security numbers, of every single voter in the state.

Editor's Note: Tale of Two Cities

There is a disconnect here, and it runs very deep. The contrast with Charleston—where political, civic, and business leaders have a long track record of working with each other beyond sociocultural boundaries— is stark.

Editor's Note: Race and the Runoff

As the grimly sardonic Election Gods would have it, and really largely by chance, every single runoff election this year pits an African American woman against a white man.

Editor's Note: The Election and the "C" Word

For whatever reason -- being new to the area, a general lack of curiosity, receiving calls and mailouts from City campaigns -- hundreds if not thousands of people in unincorporated Chatham County were under the mistaken impression that they were eligible to vote in this City election.

Editor's Note: Broken.

Visibly panicking, Mayor Jackson and City Council sounded as if this was the first time they’d considered even the most basic issues surrounding the heated, year-long negotiations to continue the merger.

Editor's Note: The only thing we have to fear is......

The previously sacrosanct Historic District is now a shooting gallery. Make no mistake—that’s no accident. It’s a statement. Criminals are letting us know who’s in charge.

Editor's Note: A word on political coverage

We believe our readers are capable of coming to their own informed conclusions about who to vote for. My personal editorial philosophy is always to encourage 1) civic responsibility and 2) critical thinking skills. I don't presume to tell our readers how to vote.

Editor's Note: The Mother Of All Lawsuits

Because of the remarkable scope of the lawsuit—four plaintiffs, 15 defendants, and a narrative going back to the mid-‘90s—it has potential to be the Rosetta Stone, the Holy Grail, linking the days of the Jivens crime syndicate and today’s Willie Lovett-era police corruption.

Editor's Note: Time to renegotiate

The old agreement had a good run. It’s time to relegate it to memory. The incumbent politicians had a good run. It’s time to retire their jerseys. The next “enough” moment is here, and the first step—just the very first baby step!—is sweeping change at the ballot box.


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