Jax Attack: A Craft Beer Road Trip

Just remember to share some of that beer you come home with, beer karma is a real thing.


Anything but Ordinary

Broughton’s basement pub dishes up delish fare
BROUGHTON Street is morphing fast, and perhaps one of the biggest changes has occurred below ground level.

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Savannah’s Food Day is livin’ large

Nation’s most expansive such city celebration happens Saturday

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The Literate Butcher: Cara Nicoletti

Voracious author brings the beef to Smith Bros. Oct. 8
LIKE lots of girls, Cara Nicoletti played Little House in the Big Woods in her childhood.

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Did someone say ‘Pumpkin Beer?’

Nutmeg, clove and cinnamon play a big part in these brews, as does sweetness.


Three More Reasons to Say 'Kali Orexi'

'Good Appetite' to you at this year's Savannah Greek Festival
IT’S time to "Get Your Greek On!" for the 65th Annual Savannah Greek Festival. Believe it or not, Savannah's Greek community begins the planning each year just a few weeks after they finish the previous festival.

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Get Festive this Oktober with seasonal beers

Oktoberfest beers are traditionally a marzen bier, a lager with deep roots. Marzens derive their name from the month they were first consumed in, March. How did marzen bier become associated with Oktoberfest? The Oktoberfest festival was a great time to consume those last casks to make room for the next round of brewing.


Ma-Maw’s BBQ in the garden of Eden… Ga.

“Everything we make here is fresh—it goes from raw to smoked or fried. Never, ever frozen."

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Hop over to Hops & Barley

David Barker, Hops and Barley’s owner took the "unfortunate opportunity" of the Beer Growlers demise and turned it into a positive. Barker purchased ten of the Beer Growler’s taps, their cooler and sinks.


College Guide: Healthy & cheap grocery shopping

Brighter Day’s collection of vitamins and herbs are of the highest quality and integrity. Their Kid’s Calm Fruity Splash Multi-Vitamin is a great secret weapon to help grown-ups ease anxiety.

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Bacon you crazy on River Street

2nd Annual Bacon Fest brings home the..... well, you know
IN RECENT years, bacon has surged in popularity.

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