Ladies Sing the Blues

Ladies Sing the Blues

Tybee Post Theater continues series with Laiken Williams and Claire Frazier
SUMMER HEAT getting you down? Spend a day cooling off in the ocean, shake off the sand, and head over the Tybee Post Theater for a healthy dose of the blues.

My Maiden Name releases debut EP

Savannah pop-rock band delivers a melting pot of sound
SO, a bossa nova-loving competitive opera singer, a freestyle rapper, and a sharp-minded guitarist walk into a bar...

Thomas Oliver: Catching songs

One of the forces behind Savannah Songwriters Series muses on mystery of creativity
AS I WRITE this, a California songwriter named Jonathan Mann is 2,688 days (that’s seven years) into a project to write a new song each and every day.

Five Questions: Adam Turla of Murder By Death

Sometimes you end up writing to entertain yourself—it can be so boring to be by yourself for a week—so you dig into yourself and say, ‘What do I have to offer?’
SAVANNAH adores Murder By Death, and lucky for us, they love us right back. The Bloomington, Indiana band entered its 16th year of existence in 2016; they're headlining festivals and selling out all across the country, but they still love moseying down to Congress Street to play The Jinx—the smallest club in the whole world that they play at this point in their career.

Son Littleā€™s Big Shine

Get to know up-and-coming soul sensation Aaron Livingston
THE LAST 18 months have been a whirlwind for Aaron Livingston, a.k.a. Son Little. While the rise of his nu-soul sound has been cited as an "overnight success," Livingston laughingly scoffs at the suggestion.


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