5 Questions: Kylesa's Laura Pleasants

5 Questions: Kylesa's Laura Pleasants

There’s truly no other band that sounds like Kylesa—and that’s just the way they like it
KYLESA is back!

ICP: The Connect Interview

Insane Clown Posse set for Hardeeville show
I'M IN fierce denial, but when Psychopathic Records calls me, I admit it to myself: I’m hungover.

A.J. Croce on 'one of the hardest records to make'

Jim’s son marks anniversary of That's Me In The Bar
THERE WILL always be heartache and bad luck in the world.

Blues Trinity concert honors legends Albert, Freddie, and B.B.

Culberson, Dunn, and Lundy spearhead tribute
THE AFTERNOON light cuts through the crannies of Pinkie Master’s as Eric Culberson, Eric Dunn, and Ray Lundy, over plastic cups of PBR and a Styrofoam plate of Cheez-Its, swap stories about the blues heroes they grew up listening to.

Jason Bible, take the wheel

Train Wrecks frontman performs solo gig at Gingerbread House
OVER THE last decade or so, singer/songwriter/guitarist Jason Bible and The Train Wrecks have been the local gold standard for Americana and roots music.

Bradford Lee Folk: Original Playboy

Prior to the Playboys, Folk played in Open Road, a bluegrass band that opened for acts like Allison Krauss and Willie Nelson
FUN FACT: this was nearly Bradford Lee Folk's final interview.


Music community gathers to support one of their own
ON June 28, 2008, Jason Statts and Dave Williams were shot in an armed robbery while unloading gear after their band, sürt {the destroyer}, played their first show.

Revival Fest: Fruit Bats fly back into our hearts

A chat with Eric D. Johnson about the band's reunion
IN THE midst of the early-2000s indie-folk haze, a little band called Fruit Bats came quietly wafting to the top of the ranks.

Hanging tight

How one little bar with a lot of heart transformed Savannah’s music scene
WES DANIEL and Heather Flagle keep referring to "the band thing."

These Heavy Boots are made for walkin'

Rachael Perisho bids farewell to Savannah; exclusive first listen of "Sister Lives"
SAVANNAH is, innately, a town of transition.

10 years of Dope

Local hip-hop label Dope Sandwich celebrates a decade of making music
A LOT can happen in a decade.

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