Hanging tight

Hanging tight

How one little bar with a lot of heart transformed Savannah’s music scene
WES DANIEL and Heather Flagle keep referring to "the band thing."

10 years of Dope

Local hip-hop label Dope Sandwich celebrates a decade of making music
A LOT can happen in a decade.

These Heavy Boots are made for walkin'

Rachael Perisho bids farewell to Savannah; exclusive first listen of "Sister Lives"
SAVANNAH is, innately, a town of transition.

Boytoy plants a flag at first SAV gig

Prepare yourself for sweltering garage grit
WHEN the rock gods close a door, they open a window.

Becoming Carmen

A conversation with VOICE Fest star Jennifer Johnson Cano
This year's VOICE Festival is studded with sure-to-be-memorable performances, but the most highly anticipated event has to be 2015's opera, Carmen.

Surrender to Ancient Warfare

SCAD alum and Savannah music scene fixture Echo Wilcox is back! (Well, for a night.)

Pickin’ & grinnin’ with Doyle Dykes

'I just learned by playing, mostly. My dad showed me some chords, I got a chord book. I had an ear; my family is musical on both sides, my mom and dad’s. We always had music, lots of singing and playing.'

(The) Niche is Back!

'Most guitar parts we kind of come up with—especially with the dual leads—are written in the song when we’d get together with everybody else and jam.'

Pick up good vibrations at ManiFest

First-ever sound healing festival offers community, positive energy
MATT DUPLESSIE is a believer in the power of sound.

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