Whaleboat, DieAlps!, Sarah Poole @The Rail Pub

Hailing from small-town Austria, Cornelia Calcaterra brings classical training, waltzes, and baroque-pop influences.

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Stopover: Christopher Paul Stelling accepts your challenge

'I love being able to tell stories and interact'
AN EMOTIVELY powerful singer and lyricist with an incredible command of the acoustic guitar, Christopher Paul Stelling is a cross-continental road-dogging indie warrior.


Stopover: The Prettiots bring tongue-in-cheek wryness to pop

Ukulele-driven pop played with one eye squinted
YOU CAN'T help but wanna be best friends with The Prettiots.


Stopover: 'Diversity is paramount' for Pitchblak Brass Band

"The idea was always 'hip-hop brass band'"
IT'S REALLY hard to not adore Pitchblak Brass Band.


Moira Nelligan and the Dixie Jigs @Sentient Bean

The fiddle-wielding Nelligan is a former Savannah resident with her roots now planted in Decatur.

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Princess Caroline Murat @Telfair Academy

In addition to being a direct descendent of Napoleon, the former child prodigy grew into a piano virtuoso.

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Stopover: Top Five at Five (Years)

To bid happy anniversary to The Little Fest That Could, we chatted with the Stopover team
FIVE years ago, Kayne Lanahan saw an opportunity: tastemaker fest SXSW was getting much too large, and bands were heading down I-95 without hitting Savannah—an easy place to, ahem, stop over on the way to Austin.

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We listened to all 100+ Stopover bands

And here's our user-friendly guide to all the genres and stuff
DON'T RECOGNIZE any of the names playing Savannah Stopover? Good!

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Sulfur Studios benefit with Alex Raffray, Jeff Zagers, Hot Plate, Dope Sandwich, and special guests @Hang Fire

Sulfur’s become a staple of Art March as viewers can sneak an illuminating peek into artists’ studio spaces and discuss and purchase work.

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Southern Culture On The Skids: 'We've always been a DIY band'

A talk with SCOTS founder Rick Miller
FOR 30 years, Southern Culture on the Skids has been cranking out rip-roaring odes to fried chicken, doublewides, and good lovin' in sleazy motels.


City Hotel celebrates their first LP

Two years in the making, City Hotel is prepared to release their first full-length record, Dogged Days, in a celebration at Southbound Brewing Company
IT'S ODD to think that, having done multiple gigs at Trinity UMC, City Hotel still gets pre-show jitters about the whole thing.

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