Truth Universal, Miggs, KNife @The Sentient Bean

Truth Universal, Miggs, KNife @The Sentient Bean

'The reason my music sounds like it does is a conscious effort to keep it in the vein of what influenced me to hip-hop and a natural black music progression.'

Radar Vs Wolf, Sins of Godless Men, Anyone’s Ghost @The Jinx

Radar Vs Wolf are just one of many Music City acts proving that it ain’t all about the country.

Shy, Low, Blackrune @Graveface

The delicate ambience sprawls into something you can totally headbang to.

Savannah Stopover announces full lineup and local acts

Reptar, Computer Magic, Young Buffalo and more added to weekend

Gregg Allman @Johnny Mercer

Take the kids to see the founder of Southern Rock

Hang your head and Cry Fest

'Huge, unruly bill’ part of the visual and auditory fun
YOU KNOW Savannah's creators are pushing themselves when they redefine traditional show structure itself.

Dope Sandwich, Culture Vulture, Super Toine, Culture Cypher @The Jinx

SAVANNAH'S hip-hop collective/label Dope Sandwich had a busy 2014.

Bane, Axis, Word Travels Fast, Without, Crazy Bag Lady @The Guild Hall

Bane is one of the most explosive live sets you can catch. Do it while you still can.

Savannah Stopover Festival Lineup Announcement with Family and Friends, River Whyless, A.M. Rodriguez @The Jinx

River Whyless' baroque approach to indie-folk allows them to show their Asheville, North Carolina roots proudly.

Bitchmouth, Window Liquor, The Toxic Shock @The Jinx

Kelsey Hulvey's vocals occasionally curl with snark around the corners, returning to slap you clean across the face with unfettered abandon.


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