Happy Runoff! How We Got Here

Happy Runoff! How We Got Here

After seemingly endless candidate forums and social media controversies, the enormous field of 28 candidates has winnowed to six
THE DEC. 1 City of Savannah runoff election—for which early voting has been going on all last week and some of Thanksgiving week—is nearly upon us. After seemingly endless candidate forums, interviews, flyers, direct mailings, TV ads, and social media controversies, the enormous field of candidates—28 in all—has winnowed to just six:

Challenge 2015: Clinton Young, Alderman at Large Post 2

'If we’re very serious we will merge forces and powers of the City of Savannah and Chatham County together and handle this 28 percent poverty. It can no longer just be about the pride of who’s in charge.'

Challenge 2015: Brian Foster, Alderman at Large Post 2

"They really need someone like me up there to talk to them about this stuff, to bring some professional advice in there. They’ve hired all these consultants because apparently the professionals on City staff aren’t up to the task."

Challenge 2015: Travis Coles, Alderman at Large Post 2

'This city hasn’t addressed poverty in two or three decades—nothing’s really changed. We continue to be a city of have and have nots, and it causes so much friction between the two communities. There needs to be a bridge.'

Challenge 2015: Linda Wilder-Bryan, Alderman at Large Post 1

'I recognize that crime and poverty are married to each other.'
IN ADDITION to the mayor, the City of Savannah has two "at-large" aldermen that represent the entire City. Linda Wilder-Bryan is the only challenger to Post 1 incumbent Carol Bell.

Challenge 2015: G. Lind Taylor, Alderman at Large Post 2

'If I have access to people who want to make this city better, where are the elected officials? Something is wrong.'

Challenge 2015: Joe Steffen, Alderman At Large Post 2

'I’ve lived here 17 years and the poverty needle hasn’t budged one bit. We need to try some different things.'

Eddie DeLoach: The Connect Interview

'I’m not looking to split the vote. I’m looking to win the vote.'
IN ADDITION to owning the landscape business Tidewater Management, mayoral candidate Eddie DeLoach served as Chatham County Commissioner on the Westside from 1992 to 2000, and ran unsuccessfully for Chatham County Commission Chairman in 2012. His father, Jimmy DeLoach, was a longtime County representative from the same area.

Challenge 2015: Zena McClain, District 6

'I don’t believe the Council has been focused. They’ve not operated with a strategic plan or clear vision for city. And they have waited too long. It has had serious affects on safety and security.'

Challenge 2015: Shaundra McKeithen, District 5

'We’ve had so many plans. We need to dust those off. We spent man hours, consulting money, design money. For those to just to be sitting on someone’s desk is a waste. If we had stuck to those plans, we’d be a lot further along.'

Challenge 2015: David Self, District 6

'I wonder if they bring in a consultant to see what they want for lunch. You can’t make this stuff up.'


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