Saint Patrick's Parade Day Savannah 2013

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Cover shoot: Behind the scenes

Welcome to our annual St. Patrick's Day special issue. This week you'll find pretty much all the info you need to enjoy the big party, from your basic parade/parking type stuff to a bit of Irish history to an exhaustive entertainment roundup.

Nothing's more Irish than tacos

Chef Donnie Simmons is running on his seemingly limitless passion for food — and adrenaline. As if finalizing and testing a menu for soon–to–open Temperance and getting its kitchen in place isn’t enough pressure, Simmons has retooled the menu at sister eatery Taco Abajo.

Firefighters + St. Patrick's Day = Awesome

Ah, the spectacle of green, the sound of sloshing beer, the smell of corned beef and cabbage in the air... To most, St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah is an honored tradition of shared indulgence and harmless debauchery (or as the Irish say, real craic—an idiom meaning “good times, usually involving alcohol and music.”)

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Greener pastures

Local musicians react to River Street shocker
If you’re one of the lucky few to belong to the Facebook group Savannah Area Musician’s Exchange, you know that one of the hottest topics among this feisty collection of local players is the last–minute decision to have no live music on River Street on St. Patrick’s Day this year. While there will be live music within private establishments on the River, for the first time in a very long time there will be no outdoor acts.

As green as it gets

In praise of the country's second-largest St. Patrick's Day parade
Boston's is the oldest. New York City's is the largest.


St. Patrick's Day FAQs

Your street survival guide
So you can just walk around and drink in Savannah? Crazy.

Breakfast of champions

Green grits, green beer, and all the corned beef you can stomach. St. Patrick's Day in Savannah is as much about the food and the beer as it is about the pub-crawling, the greening of the fountain, or the world-famous downtown parade.

Not enough green on St. Patrick's Day

I’m sure I’m not the first to notice the ironic analogy between the legend of St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland and this year’s banning of live snakes (!) from the St. Patrick’s Day celebration downtown.

St. Patrick's Day Party Fouls

The large crowds in town for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities kept police busy, including a total of 190 arrests over the weekend – 154 in City Market and 36 on River Street. That total included 27 arrests for disorderly conduct, 17 arrests for public urination, 13 seatbelt violations, 9 arrests for affray and 7 arrests for public intoxication, among others.

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