Bernie brings the fire, but are we ready to fuel the revolution?

Bernie brings the fire, but are we ready to fuel the revolution?

Who knew a 70-something Jewish grandpa could pack a house in southeast Georgia on three days’ notice?
With his unfashionable glasses and untidy fringe of white hair, Bernie’s hardly the Presidential type—unless your type is an experienced, wise man who’s sick of the BS dumped on the American people over the last two decades.

Race, Rosenwald and Shaundra’s Screed

As a social justice groupie who winces every time Pharrell drops the N-word in that kickin’ new Missy Elliot song, I would so rather skate over the divisive questions and just get to the solutions. But I still have to wonder why anyone—black, white, purple, green—would continue to support a status quo that has failed them over and over again.

A Swiftie-tilting planet

Giggles overruled my handwringing as our glitzed-up girl squad skipped towards the massive arena, flanked by thousands festooned with feathers and sequins and Swiffer napkins (best Halloween ever, der).

Let the first act of Savannah’s future be to #SupportSemaj

From the two-dimensional world of internet news, it’s a story of heart-wrenching ironies: The non-violent youth advocate shot by criminal youth. But the most astounding twist is that after experiencing the worst of Savannah hospitality, Semaj wants to stay here.

A tale of two horror shows

Some of us at the office thought it a bit unusual that a law enforcement agency would host a chamber of horrors at the ol’ prison when two of its deputies had recently been indicted for killing an inmate and seven more fired over the incident.

The road to Tybee belongs to us all

Life and politics must converge, especially on an island where there’s only one road in and one road out.

Everyone loves a shaggy dog story

Though buoyed by the human compassion he encountered, my husband returned bereft of our pet and despondent over the poverty and poorly maintained streets that exist just a dog walk away.

Can’t give up on Crazytown

When I took this job four years ago, one of my first tasks was to cover the last election, and I don’t remember wanting to hide under my desk until it was over. Back then, the candidates’ blustering antics seemed baffling but not without certain charms; the disconnection we’re seeing now is trending towards the sociopathic.

Style with substance at Starland Fashion Night

The most distinguished reincarnation for newsprint I could ever imagine comes this Friday with DISPOSABLE, a showcase of fabulous frocks tailored completely out of past issues of your favorite free independent newsweekly.


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