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Christina Edwards: Exploring horizons

The emerging local artist has a deep appreciation for the outside forces that shape her art and her career.

Editor's Note

Editor's Note: SCAD buses too big to fail?

City says it has no jurisdiction, but a close reading of the law may say otherwise.

Cuisine Feature

Some mo’ Samoas, please

Girl Scout Cookies get haute cuisine makeovers by top local chefs


Talking about... Ft. Stewart & Conservation

The second-largest single public hunting and fishing entity in Georgia


Southern Culture On The Skids: 'We've always been a DIY band'

A talk with SCOTS founder Rick Miller

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Ain’t misbehavin'…much

Ain’t misbehavin'…much

After discovering Ola Wyeth's depth, an intergenerational posse of audacious acolytes have founded the Women’s History Committee of Savannah to shine a light on the character, commitment and courage of our city's forgotten females.


City Hotel celebrates their first LP

City Hotel celebrates their first LP

Two years in the making, City Hotel is prepared to release their first full-length record, Dogged Days, in a celebration at Southbound Brewing Company


SCAD play explores race, gentrification

SCAD play explores race, gentrification

Clybourne Park panel discussion to feature appearance by the mayor


Almost time for the Craft Brew Races!

Almost time for the Craft Brew Races!

The team saw an opportunity to do something more ambitious. They developed a race series that doesn’t provide a gratis cup of yellow fizzy water at the finish line, but instead has a full craft beer festival awaiting the worthy finishers.


Everything is (still) Terrible!

Everything is (still) Terrible!

Found footage phenomenon hits Graveface

  • Review: Hot Tub Time Machine 2

    Corddry, Duke and especially Robinson are still amusing to watch, but without Cusack around to anchor the proceedings with his likability and semi-straight man status, the film drifts further and further into strictly puerile waters.

  • Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

    Compounding the problem is the simple fact that Johnson and Dornan have absolutely no chemistry, and while Johnson occasionally rises to whatever situation is at hand, Dornan is a zero when it comes to conveying mystery, sex appeal, brooding intensity, phallic fulfillment or basically anything beyond embarrassment.

  • Review: Still Alice

    While Still Alice may not be as excellent as Two Days and especially Wild, it’s still more than a generic Lifetime movie as its detractors would lead everyone to believe.

  • Review: Jupiter Ascending

    There’s actually a seed of a good idea buried here, particularly in themes relating to class struggles, the weight of historical bloodlines, and the notion of Earth as a gambling chip. But the entire project suffers from a case of overkill.

  • Review: Seventh Son

    The visuals demonstrate we’ve come a long way since the muddy eyesore vistas of Alice in Wonderland and Clash of the Titans. But when everything taking place within the screen parameters is so dull and uninspired, it’s hard to get too excited by a crisp look.

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