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A decade of Black Tusk

The trio moves forward with hometown show, tours, record

Music Reviews

Revival Fest lineup announced!

Fruit Bats, SCOTS, Those Darlins among acts at September event

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Cautionary tale of an accident survivor

Cautionary tale of an accident survivor

Would I wear a helmet? No, of course not. What use would I have for the fuddy-duddy’s buddy?

  • Editor's Note: The Best Is Here And It's Epic

    The Best of Savannah issue provides probably the most comprehensive snapshot of what’s going on at the ground level in Savannah, in great scope and in a large sample size.

  • Bringing out the Best of Savannah

    We know the Best of Savannah issue has legs longer than a giraffe wearing a pair Louboutins, and its winners continue to be referenced long after its week on the stands.

  • Reading between the votes

    All the strange things y'all wrote on the Best Of Savannah ballot

  • Sticking ‘eminent domain’ where the sun don’t shine

    In a move that practically shocked the underpants off of us all, Gov. Nathan Deal announced that his administration is against the Palmetto Pipeline, a billion dollar project that would slice through Southern wetlands and rivers on its way to the sea like General Sherman on a leaky bulldozer.

  • Everyone deserves HUGS: Affordable counseling center expands to new facility

    'Studies show that mental health and addiction counseling has the most value in terms of positive outcome, yet it’s the most underfunded community service,' she says. 'We’re bridging that gap, but it’s a lot bigger that we anticipated.'


Thursday Night Opry: Rachael Shaner, Clouds & Satellites, Caleb Warren and the Perfect Gentlemen @Trinity UMC

Thursday Night Opry: Rachael Shaner, Clouds & Satellites, Caleb Warren and the Perfect Gentlemen @Trinity UMC

Shaner finds that her best songs are written after she's been able to take in her experiences.


‘On the wheels of a dream’ with SCAD’s Ragtime

‘On the wheels of a dream’ with SCAD’s Ragtime

The play’s honest talk of race relations and police brutality makes it a coincidentally timely performance in light of Freddie Gray’s murder and the ensuing Baltimore riots.


Southbound, Service, Coastal Empire present their newest brews

Southbound, Service, Coastal Empire present their newest brews

All of the breweries currently have brand new but very different beers available on draft around town.


Review: Mad Max: Fury Road

Review: Mad Max: Fury Road

The film’s kinetic thrust is breathtaking, with Director George Miller relying as much on physical feats of derring-do as he does on CGI.

  • Review: Hot Pursuit

    Most of these moments that do work owe their heartiness to Reese Witherspoon, who often rises above the tired nature of her role (a female cop who’s a klutz on the job and a failure on the dating scene).

  • Review: The Water Diviner

    This isn’t a muck-raking expose as much as it’s a personal tale told against an international canvas.

  • Review: The Age of Adaline

    From the very premise to a couple of head-smacking coincidences, the movie mightily tests our willingness to go with the flow. To its credit, it succeeds throughout most of its length,

  • ‘These films are meant to inspire, not to depress’

    Banff Mountain Film Festival focuses on outdoor adventure, features auction & entertainment

  • Review: True Story

    Hill and Franco aren’t bad, but their performances remain frustratingly on the surface – this is especially true of Franco, who often comes across more as a guy peeved that someone tapped out the frat-house keg than a tortured individual potentially engaged in Machiavellian maneuverings.

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