Visual Arts

The Light Inside the Bell Jar

Exhibit creates dialogue about women and mental illness

Visual Arts

Churchill: Politician and Painter

Jepson show features work owned by Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie


Celebrate the life aquatic at the Maritime Arts Festival

Artists have connections to Savannah waterways

Music Features

Rivers Rock with The Accomplices @Moon River Brewing Company

Ogeechee Riverkeeper marks decade of progress


Boeing Boeing: Collective Face soars high with ‘60s farce

Plenty to love in this Mad Men-era show

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Maven Makers: Have 3D printer, will travel

Maven Makers: Have 3D printer, will travel

With the mission of helping others gain new skills, they took their name from futurist Malcolm Gladwell, who popularized the Yiddish term for “accumulator of knowledge” in his influential book, The Tipping Point.

  • Mother lucky

    Motherhood is basically indentured servitude with a giant helping of Stockholm Syndrome, made bearable by sweet-breathed goodnight kisses and free refrigerator art.

  • The Strangest Question I’ve Ever Been Asked While Leading a Tour

    She had an eighth grade grasp of American history, but she had apparently paid attention on her trolley tour, and had some unresolved stories she wanted to have elaborated. I took it as a challenge.

  • Matt’s Moon River Cruise continues focus on safer streets

    The event is named for Matt Kohler, who was hit from behind and killed by a driver in Bloomingdale in 2012.

  • To have and to hold for all

    These women showed tremendous courage and generosity by inviting what seemed like half the town to what they called their “big, fat, gay wedding.”

  • Editor's Note: The Great Homework Controversy

    A recent editorial in the daily paper attacking Jolene Byrne completely missed her point, and deserves a solid rebuttal on the merits.


Think you’re ready for this Jelly?

Think you’re ready for this Jelly?

The Treehouse’s Jeff DeRosa noticed a need: a place where performers could test a new set, get comfortable in front of an audience, and mingle with fellow players. Taking matters into his own hands, DeRosa debuts his solution on Tuesday: The Tree House Jelly Jam.


Savannah Voice Festival announces season

Savannah Voice Festival announces season

This year’s opera, a highlight of the festival, is Bizet’s “Carmen.” Presented at Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church on Sunday, August 9 at 4 p.m. and Tuesday, August 11 at 6:30 p.m. The tale of a soldier seduced by a gorgeous gypsy, the VOICE Festival’s take will be a slightly abridged two-hour version with a small musical ensemble.


Southbound Partners with Novelis for ‘Infinitely-Recyclable’ Packaging

Southbound Partners with Novelis for ‘Infinitely-Recyclable’ Packaging

‘We’re bringing all of our branding and imagery together in a more uniform way. We want it to really pop on the shelf,’ says Southbound’s Smith Matthews.

  • Salvadoran in Savannah

    At only $2 for a large pupusa, and $1.25 for your drink, you’ll come out smiling—three pupusas make a hearty meal, especially when served with crispy ‘curtido’, a Salvadoran slaw of shredded cabbage, carrots, peppers and vinegar: all for well under $10.

  • Have a Crabtastic Derby Day at the River Street Seafood Fest

    For those not down with the crustacean speed event, there’s always the namesake of the Fest: Seafood. This year you can help be a part of the revival of this great old Savannah event.

  • Highland Brewing: For the ‘perfect pint’

    Despite her success and rapid ascension at Stone, Hollie Stephenson found herself nostalgic for her youth spent in the South.

  • Pink Pig: Boss BBQ Just Over The Bridge

    You may think this pretty pink palace-in-miniature to be anathema to the menfolk, but each time I go there are plenty of hubby-wife combos and groups of gentlemen enjoying a copious lunch.

  • Little King: Keeping Soul Food in Savannah Alive

    When many have fallen, this bastion of goodness still stands


  • Review: The Water Diviner

    This isn’t a muck-raking expose as much as it’s a personal tale told against an international canvas.

  • Review: The Age of Adaline

    From the very premise to a couple of head-smacking coincidences, the movie mightily tests our willingness to go with the flow. To its credit, it succeeds throughout most of its length,

  • ‘These films are meant to inspire, not to depress’

    Banff Mountain Film Festival focuses on outdoor adventure, features auction & entertainment

  • Review: True Story

    Hill and Franco aren’t bad, but their performances remain frustratingly on the surface – this is especially true of Franco, who often comes across more as a guy peeved that someone tapped out the frat-house keg than a tortured individual potentially engaged in Machiavellian maneuverings.

  • Review: Furious 7

    Let’s marvel at how much mileage the studio has gotten out of what’s basically 1950s-style “B” programmers supercharged for contemporary audiences.

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