Finally, SAV gets a taste of Man Man

More of a spectacle than a concert, anything can and does happen


Summer Living: Beach brews for a hoppy summer

But remember, no glass allowed on the beach!


Summer Living: Five cocktails you gotta sip before summer's over

Did someone say 'Frozen Jack & Coke?'


Summer Living: Surfing with Hot Sushi!

Atsushi Yamada teaches the Zen of riding the waves

Music Features

Summer Living: Musicians Outdoors!

Some of our favorites show us how to beat the heat & enjoy the coast

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The politics of vaping

The politics of vaping

Vaping hasn’t been scientifically proven as “100 percent safe” but studies show it to be far less harmful than tobacco. The FDA has rolled out oversight restrictions and increased taxes that may be passed by the end of this month. And yes, vaping is banned under most municipal and state smoking ordinances.

  • Summer Living: Aerial Adventure on Hilton Head

    All in all, there are 50 unique “elements” to challenge your skills and strength, including a Tarzan swing, osprey nets and a slide that launches you across a chasm of pine needles.

  • Engagement & empowerment in East Savannah

    Community Olympic Day is June 26, 9-noon at SSU

  • Editor's Note: #TakeDownTheFlag? That's the easy part

    As much as we want to think Charleston is the tipping point, many of us thought the same thing after Newtown, only to be bitterly disappointed. Next time there probably won’t be as obvious a vector for our grief and anger as a flag.

  • Summer Living: Surfing with Hot Sushi!

    Atsushi Yamada teaches the Zen of riding the waves

  • What to do, DA Heap?

    Increasingly concerned about the glacial pace of the investigation, lawyers for Matthew Ajibade's family have filed a complaint to remove DA Meg Heap as prosecutor, citing her close connections with Sheriff Al St. Lawrence.


What’s right about the sound of F*cked Up

What’s right about the sound of F*cked Up

With an unprintable name and hardcore punk roots, they've shot to the top of all manner of Best Of lists, gaining universal critical acclaim.


Navigating a nebulous boyhood at Non-Fiction

Navigating a nebulous boyhood at Non-Fiction

"dream boy" explores themes of sexuality, queerness, coming of age, digital communication, otherness and isolation


Summer Living: Ten friendly food spots for the season

Summer Living: Ten friendly food spots for the season

Our food writer picks some tasty places to fuel up


Review: Ted 2

Review: Ted 2

The charm of Ted is that it never took itself too seriously; the problem with Ted 2 is that it does.

  • Review: Inside Out

    These excursions, which easily top those taken through Tomorrowland and Jurassic World, result in some of the most potent set-pieces in the Pixar canon, with select bits even invoking the spirit of the gems Hayao Miyazaki made for Studio Ghibli.

  • Review: Spy

    The plot is standard spy-spoof material, but director Paul Feig has taken care to provide his star with an arsenal of comedic opportunities. McCarthy never lets him down: Her Susan Cooper is sympathetic, but that vulnerability never interferes with her ability to deliver precision-timed laughs.

  • Review: Entourage

    It's saved from total disaster by some clever Hollywood-insider digs but which otherwise asks us to spend an inordinate amount of time with a group of insufferable lunkheads.

  • Review: Jurassic World

    Chris Pratt’s role is thinly written, but the actor invests the character with enough personality to make him an affable hero. Other nicely modulated performances turn up in the supporting ranks,

  • Review: Aloha

    Emma Stone seems too young for her role, and Allison remains as much a conceit as an actual character – she’s like a manic pixie dream girl in uniform.

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