Sophie Daniele and the Art of Time Traveling (with typewriters)


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A few years ago, on the way to London’s Tate Modern, I spotted a small crowd of tourists clustered around two seated and rather eccentric looking young men in overcoats, scarves, and fedoras. They were typewriter poets. And, after observing them for a bit, both my daughter and I paid them to tap out poems as gifts to our partners back home in the States.

So it was with delight that I spotted Sophie Daniele and her collaborator Matt Propst on a recent sunny Saturday morning, set up in Forsyth Park with dictionaries, and vintage typewriters perched on old-time suitcases. We engaged briefly, as both were busily pecking away at their typewriters. 

Despite being busy and distracted, the vivaciousness of Daniele overwhelmed. I took her card and promised to call to find out more about her newly created “Savannah Typewriter Society.”

The vintage umbrella logo on Daniele’s business card is fitting. The woman has a myriad of magical ideas, which, she says, all fall underneath the umbrella of ‘travelling back in time.’ 

Not just a poetry writing endeavor, she describes the Society as an avant-garde entertainment business, a private society club membership, a community service, an event planning business (including vegan catering and vintage rentals) which she is marketing to, amongst others, wedding planners, and movie production teams.

The fledgling business encompasses a lot of additional concepts. Daniele calls herself “the world’s exclusive typewriter fortune teller” and describes the typewriter society as “Savannah’s exclusive time traveling entertainment production company and vintage rentals.” 

Her Instagram profile continues, “Author & International Psychic Medium/Animal Communicator. Relocation & Missing Pets Expert. Ordained Matchmaking Expert with 100% success rate. Based in Savannah, Georgia. Available worldwide.”

click to enlarge Dophie Daniele and the Art of Time Traveling (with typewriters)
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Set up to provide a fortune and love poem at a recent wedding

Daniele first came to Savannah at the end of 2013 to “soul-tend”. 

She had left a twenty-plus year marriage and was ready to create new memories. Born in Paris, France (she maintains dual citizenship), she has led a nomadic life with both her father and ex-husband being active military. 

“As a lover of old things, Savannah spoke to me, as it does to so many. The history and architecture, the European influences drew me in.” 

After a hiatus to flip properties in Asheville, to run an Airbnb business on St. Simon’s, and to travel in North Carolina for six months in her camper van, Daniele is finally ready to settle here.

So why the Savannah Typewriter Society? 

“Well,” Daniele answers, “I believe in spirit and spirit brings me messages. This happens to everyone if they just pay attention. I’ve always been into the paranormal. I’m a psychic medium. I’m an author and my best friend Matt is an author (of “Savannah Cemeteries”). I wanted to put all my passions together and manifested this business.”

“I discovered there were typewriter societies in other cities around the world,” she continues. “This is art. This is creative. But how do I make it uniquely mine?” She decided to incorporate her crystal ball and now, she says, “I am the Typewriter Fortune Teller, the first on Planet Earth!”

While she ascribes her psychic abilities to her Celtic heritage, Daniele says, “We all have this capability. We all have this intuition, this third eye. But society squishes it out of you. You know, if someone is walking to their car late at night and suddenly they get goosebumps on the back of their neck, that is your intuition or spirit guide protecting you and you should never ignore it.”

“The typewriter is a divination tool,” Daniele continues, “Both the typewriter and crystal ball are an act, a form of entertainment that draws people in. We started setting up in Forsyth Park – the Central Park of the South – the best place to test the waters. My partner Matt is the Typewriter Poet, and I am the Typewriter Fortune Teller.”

She feels blessed to have two influential people since to guide her on this journey. 

“They are now my friends and mentors.” The first one, Tom, has a Typewriter Society in Atlanta, and has helped her source ten vintage typewriters and is teaching her how to repair them. The second is a woman who owned a vintage rental business and is now Daniele’s source for fabulous vintage suitcases, dishes, furniture, accessories, and business advice.

click to enlarge Dophie Daniele and the Art of Time Traveling (with typewriters)
provided by the artist
Daniele the Typewriter Fortune Teller

“I feel so fortunate to have manifested these friends and these ideas in my life. You know manifesting is the law of attraction, which is three things: believe, ask, and receive. When we tune into that, it really works. You can call it whatever you want. Some people call it magic, some call it prayer, some call it God or the Universe. Whatever you call it, it’s good, and we all have that power to harness.”

By their nature, typewriters slow down our thought processes. There is no delete button. No submit button. No spellcheck. Believing people crave connection with the non-digital, elegant world they represent, Daniele’s vision for the Savannah Typewriter Society is to acquire typewriters, “lovingly restore them to make them fully functional, and place them in select locations throughout downtown Savannah.” 

She will ask businesses “to host a public typewriter” and let their clientele add to messages being typed and checked on daily.

Daniele envisions a business that engages with both our local community, and with other artists and entertainers here. Whether you want a catered vegan dinner with amazing entertainment, a private séance in your parlor, a matchmaker service, or a typed fortune or a poem created at a birthday party, fun function or wedding, the Savannah Typewriter Society has you covered. Time travel with her and Matt back to a Victorian era. Or maybe you can meet them, as I did, in Forsyth Park.

But back to the banks of the Thames in London…I don’t exactly remember how I described my husband Steve. Probably that he’s handsome and loves trees. The poem I received brought me to tears of laughter the first time I read it aloud to my girlfriends. And I’ve never quite figured out if Steve was flattered or insulted.


overpowered in that greater

    force, the sheer surge of it, the wave of

untrammeled wanting, the electric desire

the need, insistent, urgent

energized, the utter lust

for that masculine embodiment of beauty

that slab of marble Steve

    that oak rooted in soil

        in the condition

            of virile life

blood hot in the veins and eyes flashing

        that Eros-Man

        that Steve

    of every maiden’s


The Savannah Typewriter Society is available for events, fundraisers, openings, picnics, fortune telling, etc. Find out more at, on @savannahtypewritersociety and @typewriterfortuneteller, or call 912.247.9912

Published July 27, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.


Beth Logan

Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Beth Logan had a career in healthcare HR and marketing. An artist and former gallery director, she serves on the board of nonprofit ARTS Southeast and has a passion for showcasing Savannah’s arts community, travel, oil painting, and cocktails!
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