Guitars take flight around the world: From Georgia to Barcelona


‘The Landscape of Guitar’ is an art and music production where animated paintings are sung to life in spectacular high definition. The innovative show plays the Tybee Post Theater Thurs., Sept. 30 at 8 p.m. 

The award-winning number one charting international guitar duo Patchouli & Terra Guitarra is master guitarist and artist Bruce Hecksel and poet and songstress Julie Patchouli. They are bringing a live symphony of color and sound to the stage. Guests will experience the harmonies of Simon & Garfunkel, the guitars of the Gipsy Kings and the colors of Van Gogh.

The concept of this show started in 2007 with the making of their album artwork for their musical project Terra Guitarra which translated “terra”, the land and “Guitarra”, of guitar. They gave it this name as they were hearing the melodies in nature and accrediting them to the landscape around them.  

“We started performing for art exhibit openings of Bruce’s original paintings of guitar landscapes. Playing surrounded by the pieces was so thrilling to be enveloped in the vibrant colors we wanted to get even more into the artwork. We began to explore how we could travel into the paintings by animating them then creating a bigger experience for an audience,” said the duo.

After 23 years of touring and 22 albums the “Best Instrumental Album of the Year” winning duo created this original concept using Hecksel’s Terra Guitarra® acrylic paintings of “guitar landscapes’’ where every element is a guitar shape, colorfully glittering like stained glass.  The duo animated and composed Hecksel’s paintings to movement with the music performance seamlessly, producing a living vivacious backdrop.

“It makes people feel wonderful. It’s a sensory feast that’s beautiful and uplifting. The combination of the romantic Spanish guitar beautiful harmonies of folk music with a spectacular dimension of rich colorful and textured animated paintings is an original experience in a class by itself,” they said.

The Landscape of Guitar literally took flight around the world in 2018 touring theaters in the US, Europe and China, which incorporated art exhibitions on 3 continents of the original paintings used in the production. They went on their second tour in 2019 going to China and then performed from coast to coast in the US taking the audience on a musical and artistic journey through The Landscape of Guitar.

“Quantum physics has established that everything is a vibration. Sound, art, color, you, me, the whole world around us. So, in essence, the world is music and in an endless symphony of which we are all a part. It is our participation that allows us to bring peace, balance and wholeness to our world through our actions,” said the duo

The audience will travel from their seat in the theater to Barcelona, Stonehenge and other worlds where mermaids dive and faeries fly through the guitar constellations of the Milky Way. Soar over guitar canyons to fiery Spanish guitar pieces, like “Malaguena”. Walk guitar labyrinths in the guitar sunset through sweet vocal harmonies. Float on guitar clouds to the sound of Native American flutes and trek to the peaks of the guitar mountains with epic folk-rock anthems.

“Each performance is different, and each venue and audience are unique,” they said. “We continue to add new paintings, new songs and are inspired by our travels to all the new places as well as favorite places we return to and by what’s happening around us in the global community.”

This is the duo’s first time playing on Tybee, but they said they love going to new places, experiencing new cultures and hearing local music. 

“The historic Tybee Post Theatre will be a very cool venue to experience the show. The big screen will showcase the animation and the intimate stage is perfect for the audience to really get the feel of it. Also, we look forward to the beach and seeing the ocean. Water is a big inspiration to us to create,” they said.

Experience the Spirit of the ‘60’s & ‘70’s, the romance of the Spanish guitar, and the colors of Van Gogh. 

Experience the show at Tybee Post Theater Thursday, Sept 30th at 8 p.m. Ticket purchases and more information can be found at

Kareem McMichael

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