Local mom releases children’s book aimed at helping to overcoming obstacles

Updated December 20, 2022 at 7:38 p.m.

Local mom and author Haley Cranman has a new children’s book and it sends a positively inspiring message.

According to Cranman, who teaches at LifeSpring Christian Academy in Bloomingdale, she started writing “The Pandemic and Me: A Child’s Perspective,” inspired by her nine year old son, during the pandemic lockdown.

“This is my first book and I wrote this during the pandemic fall/winter semester when everyone was online,” Cranman noted. “I just graduated this year from Grand Canyon University with my bachelors degree but when this was going on I was learning virtually. So, while my son was doing his school work I was next to him doing my school work and helping him at the same time.”

According to Cranman, the initial stages of writing her book happened by accident and was the result of a concentration tactic she uses to keep her thoughts organized.

“The class that I was taking just happened to be a literature class and my son Collins and I both have ADHD,” she explained. “What I’ve noticed that helps me when I’m trying to write something for class and it’s not happening, I’ll go and just start free writing. That free writing that I was trying to get out of my head so that I could focus on my school work turned into my son’s experience which turned into the book that we have today.”

The story follows Collins as he learns what the pandemic is, deals with being abruptly pulled away from friends and adjusts to online learning. 

Cranman says she aims to showcase that kids can adapt to new environments and obstacles aren’t a hindrance to their success.

“Don’t let anything stop you because what I saw as a parent and as a teacher, while our children are technologically savvy, going from a one-on-one teacher to student real life scenario to virtual is traumatizing. While us adults, we’re on computers all the time…we don’t see it as a problem but they do.”

“Collins hated it. He didn’t want to be there and he wanted to go back to school. But, at the end of it he related so much and he bonded with his teacher so well that when they gave him the choice to come back but come back with a different teacher he actually chose to stay and finish out with that teacher.”

Illustrations for the book were done by Nidhom and Cranman added that she is beyond pleased with the results.

“It was actually a very long process,” she said. “We wanted the character in the book to match my son and Nidhom captured it perfectly. He decided to make the mother blonde even though I’m not blonde to make it more aesthetically pleasing but it kinda helps capture the eye and focus on who she is in the book.”

Cranman, who’s next project is a book about her younger son who is not as social, added one more final note.

“It’s great to be able to get this book out there. I just want to make sure that anyone who feels like they’re not making a difference to know that they are and don’t let any obstacles get in your way to finding success.”

“The Pandemic and Me: A Child’s Perspective” is on sale now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Amplify Publishing Group. 

To set up an interview, reading, book-signing, or for more information regarding the book contact [email protected]

Published December 20, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

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