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Victory Gardens

The guys at Victory Gardens believe the best kind of landscaping is native, environmentally responsible—and best case scenario—edible.

Organic farmers Reid Archer and Kerry Shay first forged their partnership running Bethesda Academy's garden program and created their own company in 2013 to bring the joys of backyard homesteading to the masses.

With a mission of "crafting ecological and abundant spaces for coastal Georgia," the tilling team has built hundreds of garden beds around town and filled them with seedlings cultivated on leased acreage behind their headquarters at the Old Dairy off Tennessee Ave. They're responsible for the bountiful landscapes growing at Trustees Garden and several schools as well as private residences, and they offer year round services to keep the land flourishing.

"We don't do the 'mow and blow' stuff, but we maintain gardens, remove invasive species and fertilize the soil," says Shay.

They've recently added hardscapes to their menu, creating patios and flagstone paths through the foliage. Always in demand are their aluminum-sided garden beds and drip irrigation systems that save water, and they continue to seek out more knowledge as their field expands.

"We really value the spirit of craftsmanship," Shay vows. "We want to build thing that are durable and serve somebody a long time."

Both the daddies of young kids, the owners of Victory Gardens have plans for their business as their families grow. Their land will soon yield a crop of sweet potatoes to sell at the farmers market, and plans are in motion for a retail shop to provide veggies, tools and other essentials for the urban farmer.

But no matter how much their ventures yield, their commitment to the values they've seeded remain strong.

"We do everything organically," promises Shay.

"Not once have we sprayed a non-organic chemical on anything." —Jessica Leigh Lebos

Runner up: RP Shaver Lawn & Garden

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