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Wax and Wane

Listen, nobody wants to talk about your hair “down there.”

Well, almost nobody. The empathetic estheticians of Wax and Wane Waxing Salon don’t mind discussing your full frontal predilections, whether you go bikini, Brazilian or all the way.

Located in the bottom floor of the cozy Victorian next door to Foxy Loxy, Wax and Wane is the place to rid yourself of extraneous fur from head to toe and everywhere in between (summer is coming, hobbits!) The cozy, chic, and most importantly, extremely clean rooms feel less like a spa than your BFF’s luxurious bain de sale, and the body-positive atmosphere promotes beauty for all (yes, dudes, too!)

“This is a no-judgment zone,” promises Wax and Wane’s charming proprietor, Jena Berenberg.

“Our goal is for everyone to feel comfortable and happy.”

Originally from Minnesota, the former artist, traveler and massage therapist opened Savannah’s first fully-dedicated waxing salon four years ago. She’s been a licensed esthetician for 13 years, but the sleepy nature of facials and massages led her to switch waxing as her sole endeavor.

“I wanted to be able to talk with my clients and get to know them,” she says. “Plus, I get to see instant results.”

Berenberg trains all of her staff personally, each one certified and schooled in the fine art and smooth craft of body hair removal, exclusively employing a special hard wax to keep the stinging to a minimum. Aftercare is provided by I Love My Muff products, which can be purchased up front along with a variety of adorable gifts and gorgeous jewelry.

“No matter which one of us you see, you’re going to get the same excellent service,” vows the head hirsute assailiant.

“We have clients who come out dancing!”

Jessica Leigh Lebos

Runner up: Spa Bleu

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