The Best of Savannah

Best Festival (that’s not St. Patrick’s Day)

Savannah Music Festival

March Music Madness spills over into April courtesy of longtime winner Savannah Music Festival.

Each year, the great team behind the three-week celebration of song creates a diverse and fascinating roster of outstanding players from around the world. Wanna sashay to some calypso? Check. Have your hair stand on end during the last note of a violin concerto? Yep. Stomp your boots and swing your partner? Can do.

This year’s sensational lineup included everyone from Sharon Jones to Andrew Bird to a Ry Cooder, Ricky Skaggs, and Sharon White team-up to Drive-By Truckers.

It’s not only fun for the audience and great for tourism—the fest’s outreach and music education programs allow students to learn from the greats gracing the stage.

Music fans wait with bated breath to seeing what Rob Gibson and his great team come up with for 2017.

Runner-up): Savannah Stopover

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