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The Stone Stairs of Death

What began as the chronicle of the misadventures of “tourons” in various stages of idiocy and/or inebriation on Lower Factors Walk has morphed into the ultimate one-stop shop of local scandal and virtually a social media network unto itself.

The anonymous proprietor has also entered the ranks of local legend as Best Savannahian, a slot usually reserved for British generals, various quasi-fictional characters, closeted drunks, and humanitarians. In other words, an oddly perfect fit.

The various predations/depredations of the Sixth District Alderman, Tony Thomas, are sort of the go-to meat-and-potatoes of SSOD, a never-fail greatest hits album all its own.

But Stone is also likely to highlight the occasionally garishly amateurish antics of the local TV station dubbed “Dumpster Fire,” or to gleefully bash the local daily paper.

In any case, Stone Stairs is Savannah’s primary guilty pleasure.

Runner-up: Savannah Sweet Tease

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