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Some nights out are about quantity, not quality—slamming beers and taking shots until you finally head home. Then, some nights are about quality over quantity. Artillery is the place you go for true quality cocktails.

From the onset, Artillery sets the rules—no tank tops, no sandals, no hats. Silence your phone, speak softly, don’t order shots. It might seem harsh, but that attention to pristine detail is what allows you to focus on their impeccable selection.

While the menu notes that bartenders can make drinks other than the cocktails presented, there’s really no reason to order anything else. The cocktail list is diverse and appeals to a lot of different tastes.

Maybe it goes without saying, but all the liquors at Artillery are, well, good. You won’t find any Smirnoff here. The Artillery Punch, a twist on the catchall boozy punch that’s a Savannah classic, combines four high-quality liquors to create a smoother punch than the one we all know and love.

Some of the cocktails include ingredients that simply beg tasting. “Oh Great, Real Bullets!” includes corn and cilantro, and the Castro Fashioned has Cuban cigar infused syrup. Each drink on the list sounds like it’s well worth a shot. Now, when’s our tasting session? —Rachael Flora

Runner-up: Alley Cat Lounge

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