The Best of Savannah

Best Local Country/Americana Band

Damon and the Shitkickers

The best place to be in Savannah in the lazy, late Saturday afternoon? At The Jinx with some of our finest local players onstage, of course.

Damon and the Shitkickers—Damon Mailand as the leading man, guitar sorcerer Anders Thomsen, pedal steel player Igor Fiksman, bassist Marc Chesanow, and drummer Alex Mason thrill the crowd with classics from country patriarchs Hank Williams, Dwight Yoakam, and George Jones, but Shitkicker originals like “Shit or Get off the Pot” get the audience singing along like they’re part of the band. And they are, in a way. If you haven’t made their regular happy hour a tradition, it’s a fine time to start; this shit ain’t gonna kick itself.

Runner-up: The Train Wrecks

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