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Most Important Local News Story of 2018

Googly-Eyed Bandit

Not crime. Not hurricanes. Not the arena. Not health care. Not the homeless. Not taxes. Not the City Manager trying to quit for a year.

The Googly-Eyed Bandit was your pick for most important local news story. Hey folks, we just count your votes!

For those who might have spent the last year completely off social media and under a rock on top of Mt. Everest, the Googly-Eyed Bandit refers to the (illegal) placing of a couple of two-cent googly-eye stickers on the statue of Nathaniel Greene in Johnson Square back in fall 2018.

The perp is still at large.

The “news” went viral and garnered a whole lot of mostly snarky national news coverage. What seemed to elevate the snark factor was the City of Savannah’s tone-deaf, tut-tutting social media response to the incident – which only invited more abuse and more attention.

Runner-up: Hurricanes

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