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A name familiar to continual “Best Of” readers, Chelsea Phillips once again takes the top spot of Best Realtor for Savannah in 2020.

“I love making people’s lives better,” she said emphatically. “If I weren’t in real estate, I’d probably work for a nonprofit. I just think at the end of the day, it’s about how much did we contribute and add to people’s lives? And for me, real estate is my way of doing that at a very significant level.”

It’s easy to see how Phillips has become a fixture in the Savannah real estate market, having been voted as Connect Savannah’s Best Realtor since 2013. She has a great sense of humor and is very likable – but there’s also quite a bit of steel in this magnolia. She’s smart and detailed and knows exactly what sells.

On the surface, real estate seems like it was her destiny – both of her parents are also real estate brokers, and her uncle was a broker in the Savannah area, as well. She attended the University of Georgia for a degree in marketing and real estate, and knew there was one place she wanted to make her home and grow her career.

“We used to come down here to Savannah every weekend when I was little, and it was the only place I wanted to live,” she said. “I know everything down here really well, and also love how walkable the city itself is. I do know the area which I think helps me be of true benefit to my clients.”

Phillips rattles off a list of names of both former and current home buyers and sellers who she now counts as personal friends – this is a woman who has gone weeks without a couch in her own living room as she gave it up to set the perfect stage in a home she was trying to sell. She’s ended up hiring one of her former clients. Her and her fellow realtors and agents at Six Brick Realty end up getting invited to major life events, like baby showers and weddings.

“What fills my cup up is our clients,” she said. “It hurts a little bit on closing day when they don’t need you anymore! But it’s so great being able to be a part of their lives.

“Life’s too short to work with people who don’t appreciate you, and there are also so many people out there who do need help,” she continued. “So we just have clients who are energetic, who have vision and who are willing to listen to advice and suggestions.”

Phillips is also a foster dog mom – and at times, that part of her life has merged with real estate when she pairs the perfect home and perfect dog with the perfect owners.

“I’m a part of their journey,” she declared. “I do get super involved with who these people are. This is a relationship, and it should be! It’s not just a transaction. This is your home. It’s super personal. It’s also a financial asset that’s going to appreciate and have a big effect on where you are in a few years.”

That is something Phillips continually emphasized – a home purchase is one of the quickest ways to create wealth and to change someone’s life.

“I do not take it lightly,” she said. “This is shaping someone’s fiscal future. You can set someone up for life or ruin it. I think it’s a huge responsibility ... I’ve had clients who’ve been able to adopt children from third-world countries because of their real estate. I truly believe you can make a huge difference in someone’s wellbeing.”

The Savannah market is currently doing pretty well, she said. There have been a few blips – for example, the local college campuses delaying classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic has had an effect; but she also continues to see many people coming in from outside the area, drawn to the location’s charm and geography.

HGTV fans will also like knowing Phillips has served as a consultant for the network’s popular program “Property Virgins,” which takes first-time homebuyers through the process of selecting and purchasing their first home.

“HGTV loves Savannah, and I just always have the best clients,” she said. “They love a charming Savannah house, and we all love a story of a person making a great investment!”

There wasn’t too much she could share about what goes into making a successful house-based TV show, but there was one tip: “Get a pig,” she said, laughing. “The clients who had a pig were the most popular. So get a pig if you want to be on TV!”

(For those who are curious, it’s in Season 15 and appropriately titled “This Little Piggy Went to Market.”)

Continually take the spot of Best Realtor is something that Phillips doesn’t take for granted ... but it also makes a lot of sense considering her absolute passion for the profession.

“Real estate is my life,” she said in a serious tone. “So I’m super thankful that people would think of me and vote for me as Savannah’s best realtor. It means a lot, because I really do care.

“All I like doing is hanging out with clients and negotiating their packages and best rates,” Phillips added. “That’s my area of expertise!”

Phillips can be found online at

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