As a regular reader of your paper, the first thing I turn to is either the letters or the opinion section. While reading Doug Wyatt’s column, it was blatantly obvious that this column was a spoof. I’m surprised more people didn’t pick up on that. Why? Because in the four-plus years that I have read your paper I don’t recall seeing any kind of Republican/conservative viewpoint printed in the Connect opinion page.

Secondly, Doug’s column was written from such an overtly ignorant point of view, it could only suggest that the author’s true contempt was not for the people who were affected by Katrina, but for those who might vote Republican.

This leads me to your follow-up Letter from the Editor and the apparent lack of political discourse our country is undergoing. Are “liberals” really that innocent of agitating their nemesis?

Your suggestion that someone (like me) who listens to Rush Limbaugh (Ben Bennett is way too early for me), or watches Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity (you forgot his “liberal” co-host Alan Combs, who does provide a balance to the show), might actually agree with the elementary ramblings of your “conservative columnist” is insulting. It goes to show that you have as much insight into Republicans, as a whole, as you think they have about Democrats.

While all the aforementioned personalities have played the blame game, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, and Hannity haven’t been entirely forgiving of the president’s handling of the Katrina situation. Problems were abounding from the start, on all levels, and from a variety of reasons; no one is guilt free.

So, don’t speak as if “liberals” are the downtrodden that never get taken seriously or get their fair say. While the word “liberal” might mean tolerant or broad-minded, it also has come to mean anti-Republican; the latter doesn’t make one the former.

J. Stevens



The Savannah Morning News had an article about the raise that county manager Russ Abolt received. I want to see the rest of the story. Mr. Abolt gave all of his department heads big fat merit raises that were not in the budget. Some were over 7 percent.

None of the employees got a merit raise. In fact, the county hasn’t given the employees a merit raise in years. So, why do the department heads get them? When did the commission approve them?

Now, all employees have gotten a 3 percent cost of living adjustment. The department heads and Mr. Abolt are getting this on top of their merit raises. How fair is that? Some department heads will end up with better than 10 percent raises.

Cheyenne Arizona



Regarding “Night Patrol,” Oct. 5 issue:

I don’t know why taxpayers are funding a public relations department for the Savannah Police when Jim Morekis does the same job for free.

Andrew Escobar



I would gladly pay for a subscription for a competing left-leaning publication to Savannah’s right-leaning daily paper. I do not, and will not pay for the Savannah Morning News. I visit their online site simply to check for news of local interest.

If Connect Savannah could hire staff to cover local news and obits, I would gladly forego all association with the Morning News and

Anyway, thanks! And keep up the good work!

Steve Gavigan

Editor’s Note: Speaking of subscriptions, for those outside our free circulation area subscriptions are $78 per year, which is our cost to mail the paper out. Send a check or money order to 1800 E. Victory Dr., Suite 7, Savannah, GA, 31404.

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