Susan Weiner and nuclear disaster

Susan Weiner not that bad

Regarding your recent Editor's Note, "Government vs. the people":

You're right about them not being incompetent. You better believe there is method to their madness. Maybe they are trying hard to shed Savannah's live and let live reputation. Maybe they want to get "really strict" with all of us.

The only little bit of the editorial is that I remember Susan Weiner being better than that. She made the police do their jobs and paved some streets...which may turn out to be a bad thing...but she was pretty damn good as I recall.

Of course she was a Republican and a woman. Go figure! And of course she lost the next election the night she won the first one. Hubby Al started running his mouth about John Rousakis and just wouldn't shut up.

And of course she wouldn't disavow him. She should have. He was an idiot...bless his deceased heart. People in this town didn't hate John Rousakis. We just thought it was time for a change.

Jake Zobrell


Thanks for nuclear article


I read Stacey Kronquest's article "The nuclear river" and was upset but not entirely surprised. I try to have a certain amount of trust and faith in my fellow citizens and elected representatives. The political use of our river and health is atrocious. 

I'm relatively new to Savannah...5yrs. I'm not sure where the Vogtle plant is located but I intend on visiting the area to see the environment.

I wanted to thank her for writing the article and staying aware of the events.

Charley Baxter 

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