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Cameron Khourie



641 Indian St. | ghostcoastdistillery.com

MADE WITH: Ghost Coast Orange Vodka, White Pepper, Blueberry Pomegranate, Lime, Cranberry Shrub, and Tonic

This is one of the more complicated drinks we have on the menu. I think a lot of it is just due to the fact that a lot of it happens before the guest would walk into the cocktail room. If you wanted to make this at home it would take a couple of days instead of making it on the spot. 

We use a cranberry shrub in this cocktail. You can use fresh cranberries or cranberry juice, but it is highly encouraged to use 100 percent cranberry juice as it is much more tart and it tastes a lot different. So we use fresh cranberries, some sugar, water, red wine vinegar, and white wine vinegar. We combine those together in a container and we let them sit for a couple of days. That vinegar extracts a lot of the flavor from the cranberry in a unique way to help balance any offset that you get from any sugar in the cocktail. 

Then we use a white pepper simple syrup, blueberry pomegranate juice, lime juice, and our orange vodka. These are all combined in a cocktail shaker, shaken with plenty of ice, and then we put that in a stemless wine glass topped with tonic. All of these flavors are going to be very juicy. However, the shrub usually cuts through a lot of the juiciness and it will end with a very light spice from that white pepper. 

I think most of the time when I’m working through cocktail ideas it usually starts very simply. In this case, I knew that I wanted to use white pepper in a combination with our orange vodka. I kind of stumbled upon these two flavors working really well together and I knew that was my starting point. 

Often, naming cocktails can be quite difficult and it usually comes right at the end, but with the spice in this one, Betty White jumped out in the middle of making this cocktail which was a little abnormal and I loved it. I started building a cocktail that I thought a Golden Girl might drink. Something that was spicy and loud, but fun and easy to drink. 

This drink was made about three weeks before she passed away. As far as I knew, she was doing well. I think it was in my subconscious someway that I heard she was going to be on a cover for her 100th birthday soon. I grew up loving her and I was excited that she was still out there making people laugh. Her passing really threw us back. 

With Betty White, throughout her career, she was a big advocate for adoption and helping pets get into better homes. We thought it was a perfect circumstance to kind of celebrate her and the things she stood for since we have an amazing community in Savannah that helps pets get into better homes. 

For the month of January, Ghost Coast will donate a portion from every BETTY WHITE drink sold to Savannah’s Coastal Pet Rescue. 

Meet the Mixologist: Cameron Khourie

My wife and I lived in Savannah for about three years, but we moved last January to Chattanooga. I’m contracted through Ghost Coast to do their quarterly menus. Ghost Coast has become more than a family to me over the last almost half of a decade. 

I have since started my own mixology company where I do in-home cocktail classes, bartender training, and do custom cocktail menus for different bars and restaurants. 

I am a big rum fan. I really like big funky flavors so I like fun scotches and really fun Jamaican rums. I would probably say my favorite drink of all time may be a Mai Tai. A really funky Mai Tai is always a blast of a time. It makes you feel like you have your toes in the sand. 


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