Fabulous Equinox Orchestra will play free concert in Savannah thanks to Equinox Global Missions

Updated May 26, 2023 at 1:22 p.m.

Equinox Global Missions (EGM) is presenting The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra live in concert on Sunday, June 4 (6 p.m.) at Community Bible Church (CBC) of Savannah and admission to see the popular big-band is free for any and all.

A non-profit service arm of the Orchestra, EGM has a bold mission statement to use “world-class music to restore good wherever it's lost and to revive joy wherever it's fading.”

It’s a big vision for the big band.

The Orchestra’s co-founder and leader is Jeremy Davis. He, along with fellow co-founder Clay Johnson, moved their families and their orchestra operation here to Savannah from Louisiana in August of 2005. Davis moved on the exact day that Hurricane Katrina made landfall.

Call that fortune, fate or a little bit of both. Whatever you call it, the risk taken by boyhood friends nearly two decades ago has seemed to pay off, and fans of the music have benefited in more ways than one.

“We’ve been [in Savannah] now for roughly 18 years,” said Davis. “We’ve played in a lot of great places and [the orchestra] gets to perform for all kinds of people. Millionaire weddings … big concert halls … any kind of venue you could think of, we’ve probably played something like it.”

A full touring schedule and several new albums – including three released during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown period in 2020 and early 2021 – are evidence of the Orchestra’s success. Likewise, a segment and two-song performance on "The Huckabee Show” (in 2021) and a PBS Concert Special (2017) are signs of the popularity.

When Davis spoke about the upcoming concert in Savannah, he explained in detail how the EGM mission to help others is more than just related to the Fabulous Equinox Orchestra. The potential for his orchestra to positively impact so many through EGM is the whole point of it all.

“I’m a big believer in the magic of music. I think it opens up so many doors to so many people … and people who come from wherever” said Davis. 

“Music really does conjure up memories and it can be a powerful healing element not just spiritually and mentally, but physically too. This concert has us all super excited because we’re playing music that celebrates what we do with Equinox Global Missions.”

Capacity at CBC Savannah for June 4 will be approximately 750 people, Davis guessed. Even with free admission, people planning on going to the show should RSVP ahead of time by visiting equinoxorchestra.com and filling out the form in the “schedule” tab. Doors open at 5:30pm. The 90(ish) minute performance will not include any breaks or intermissions, but it will offer fans a unique chance to see unreleased footage from recent EGM/Equinox Orchestra shows in international spots like India, Poland and Israel. There will also be a meet-and-greet with the band as well as specialized merchandise and albums for sale after the show.

All proceeds generated from the show will go straight to Equinox Global Missions, Davis said.

“EGM is enlisting The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra to produce a show that will not only be a celebration of faith, but also a testimony to the powerful blessing that music brings for people who are struggling, suffering, or forgotten,” reads a synopsis. “We will share stories of how our passion to entertain, connect, and serve has opened doors for us to see lives changed in remarkable ways.”

Fans can expect the 12-man version of the Fabulous Equinox Orchestra at the show. The Orchestra’s website describes the recipe (or genre) as a mixture of “favorite melodies from recent history – a dash of Motown, a shot of Country, some folk and rock sprinkled on top – and the stories behind them, serving up a musical banquet that feeds every soul.”

Another summary from the site … “From Motown to swing to jazz to the classic American Songbook, the Orchestra’s program contains something for everyone.”

Davis said Savannah fans should be ready for all of it.

“Expect some of the classics from [Frank] Sinatra, Ray Charles … there’s some Simon and Garfunkel, a couple (of) new songs and some classic hymns too,” said Davis.

He calls these 12 members “the heart and soul of the band.” The ‘Davis-Dozen’ (nobody has called them that, before now) arrived in Savannah from all around the Southeast on Friday, May 26. They came just to hop aboard a 45-foot tour bus bound for North Carolina and Virginia so the Orchestra could play a trio of Memorial Day weekend shows before coming back to Savannah.

“Just a lot of musicians on a bus looking to play music,” Davis said while acknowledging the cliche. “That’s the dream, right?”

They are all, of course, paid and professional musicians. Free concerts for the public, therefore, aren’t the norm. This is where the distinction between the Fabulous Equinox Orchestra and Equinox Global Missions is most important. Because of the success of the Orchestra, the EGM non-profit is able to give back. It only works if the musicians are all in harmony (intended) with the grand “music-is-magic” vision.

Free public shows don’t happen often, but the non-profit frequently does specialized shows and appearances all across the community.

“Every month (EGM) is doing community outreach events … in schools or elderly facilities and underprivileged areas,” Davis said. “But events like [June 4] are different because it’s open to anyone. All ages. All of them, as many as we can fit into the place. We don’t take those for granted. We expect to be delivering a memorable performance for folks there Sunday night.”

Learn more about Equinox Global Missions, by liking the EGM Facebook page at @equinoxglobalmissions or by emailing equinoxorchestra.com.

Published May 26, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.

Travis Jaudon

Travis Jaudon is a reporter for Connect Savannah. He is a Savannah native and has been writing in Savannah since 2016. Reach him with feedback or story tips at 912-721-4358
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