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Updated June 19, 2023 at 1:50 p.m.



THU JUN 22 | 9 PM

Clayton Waller is the Nashville-based, Mississippi native singer/songwriter who performs as Rock Europa. He’s written, produced, and performed three LPs and two Eps. With a full touring band, this flavor of indie rock is brought to life on stage. Waller calls it “gritty and shimmering” and he’s spot on. It has a lightness that deftly shifts to harder, upbeat sounds similar to fellow Nashville indie performance machine Nordista Freeze. Would anyone be surprised if they were pals? Add some Ty Segall influences, and you get an idea of what the foundation is like. The newest release, Pick at the Scab, levels up the fuller, rock-oriented sound much like Superdrag worshiped The Beatles on Headtrip in Every Key. It’s extremely catchy at any tempo.


SAT JUN 24 | 9 PM

All-instrumental music isn’t for everyone. It can be difficult to capture an audience’s attention and hold on to it without someone up front hollering into a microphone. That would not be the case with CHEW. The three-piece, psychedelic fuzz outfit from Atlanta (forgive the cliché) let the music do the talking. The loudest of the three is drummer Sarah “Snare-uh” Wilson, whose jaw-dropping performance is worth the price of admission alone. CHEW shoots hooks into your ears and holds tight, leaving you waiting breathlessly for the next groove. And here’s an idea for the crowd at El Rocko: try to match the vocal expression of this band while they are playing. Winners get to enjoy hearing a live band! Experimental synth rockers Pink Peugeot and hard rock pros Measurement, featuring ex-Kylesa, Black Tusk, and Lies in Stone members, support.



SAT JUN 24 | 7 PM

Outdoor shows at the CC Sound Garden are in full swing, and for classic rock fans, cold beer and great bar food delivered to your table while hearing your 70s and 80 heyday favorites is a singular experience. Foreigner has loads of hits. Their 1977 debut and three subsequent albums all sold more than five million copies. Their fifth only sold a measly three million. To borrow a phrase from the era, That’s Incredible! Overall, they sold an astounding 80 million records worldwide and had nine Top 10 singles in the US, including their hard rockers “Hot Blooded” and “Urgent” and their pop monsters “Double Vision” and the soaring “I Want to Know What Love Is.” Atlanta’s Head Games are veteran musicians who deliver those hits and a bunch more.



TUES JUN 27 | 7 PM

A few established superstar comics would be brave enough to purposefully release an awful live recording of an act with intent to confront the crowd. Andrew Dice Clay did it on The Day the Laughter Died, and it was so ugly and uncomfortable, it was darkly hilarious. Did he and Rick Rubin proto-troll everyone, or did they make the most of a mess? Hard to say. In Jeff Leeson’s case, he’s not well known for filthy nursery rhymes or jokes you couldn’t get 100 miles from with modern sensitivities, but he is VERY well known for confronting the crowd. And it’s not necessarily negative, it’s a featured part of his carefully honed stand-up/improv hybrid. He’s been at it for more than 20 years, and it’s not meant to get ugly. This fearlessness on stage results in no two shows being alike. He’ll joke about some topics, but they almost always end up in crowd interaction that he works so effortlessly, at times it seems scripted.


WED JUN 28 | 9 PM

Pumping NOLA sludge from the swamps and bayous of that fair city since 1988 (aka, before most of you were born), Eyehategod set themselves apart from their local heavyweight peers Crowbar and Soilent Green by adding gooey blobs of punk and hardcore into their doomy, often-slow metal sonic assault. The metal riffs are down tuned for extra girth and drear, with plodding rhythm body blows bolstering Mike Williams’ anguished vocals. These elements match the comparatively cheerful lyrical themes of addiction, despair, social decay and hopelessness. How hopeless a situation can be for an extreme metal band surviving for 30+ years is open to debate, but you can count on a cathartic night to get out your bad feelings and look for a Thursday morning rainbow.

Published June 19, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.

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