Year in Review: Best Local Albums

Musicians share their own personal picks

MIGGS – Son of a Gun

The production value, songwriting and promotions for the release was absolutely top notch. Close second for me was Sunglow, Nothing Doing. – Jeremiah Stuard (Sins of Godless Men, COEDS)


The Americana side of the Savannah scene saw so many great releases and performances this year, but to me, Same Blue Sky had so many unexpected aspects that just made it stand out. Seeing the band live many times and having known Britt and Craig for years, to hear this side of them come out was truly a unique experience.  Their choice of production really went over the top and transforms the songs from what we know into an entirely new experience. – Greg Rettig (Ambrose, The Wave Slaves, Sins of Godless Men)

DRIPS – Wet Socks

I really liked the Wet Socks album; Sauna Heat’s Revenge is my fave. They are sick garage punk albums but slick enough to listen to more than once. – Alex Raffray (Forced Entry)

ISAAC SMITH – Magnolia Bloom

I don’t know of a stronger combination of songwriting and voice to emerge this year in Savannah. The title song, “Loves War” and “Trees” are so good that one wonders how long we’ll have Isaac around. Anyone who has ever heard Isaac sing immediately responds to his full-bodied voice that authenticates whatever he is singing about. That powerful connection with an audience is rare. He has managed early in his songwriting career to fashion songs that encourage him to soar, even roar, coming out of the gate, as in “Loves War.” – Thomas Oliver (Lazaretto Creek Band and producer of the Savannah Songwriters Series)

KOTA MUNDI – Kota Mundi [EP]

Kota Mundi’s EP is the most epic conglomeration of musical badassness that has ever hit my ear! – Eric Dunn (The Train Wrecks)

SUNGLOW – Nothing Doing

Daniel has always impressed me in live settings with his bangers, but when he committed all of his newer stuff (at the time—the guy is always cranking out new tracks) to tape, I was thoroughly impressed with his ability to make a cohesive album with good track flow. His music translates well in the studio and in live situations. – Ross Fish

You have to check out Sunglow’s Nothing Doing. A real classic club banger filled with all types of spicy jams. Chillest album of 2014. – Adam Intrator (Triathalon)


I love the direction Triathalon went with on Lo-Tide—seems like they coming into their own. – Brent Collins (Whaleboat)

VELVET CARAVAN – Acoustic In Nature


Velvet Caravan’s album released last January is a knockout, for sure, and The Train Wrecks new album is a real good listen all the way through, too.  These two bands worked their asses off to get these albums created and I’m rather quite proud of them...they are, after all, some of my best pals. – Ray Lundy (Bottles & Cans)


Anna Chandler

Connect Savannah Former Arts & Entertainment Editor Anna Chandler started writing about music after growing hoarse from talking about it nonstop. Born in Tennessee and raised in South Carolina, she has been a proud Savannahian for 8 years. She sings & plays guitar & accordion in COEDS and Lovely Locks.
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