Re: “Editor's Note: Tony Thomas takes City Council with him to rock bottom

( Political harlotry )

Wolfgang Nordmeyer
The U.S. - and the colonies from which it sprang - has always been sexist, racist, capitalist pig, evil. 60 million Natives MURDERED in order to steal their land. Slavery existed for a century (including colonial times) when it could have been wiped out sooner. Those supposedly opposed to slavery let it continue for their own good - certainly not for the good of the slaves. The U.S. is really owned by capitalist pigs who perform hideous acts such as described by hogorina above. Voting is a joke - you get to pick which political prostitute of the capitalistic pigs you want - as if it made any difference. I was named after the famous composer Mozart, but I won't claim for a second that I have his genius musical skills. Nevertheless, I did compose a new national anthem. P.s Too expletive--Hog
PARAPHRASED: the National Educational Association has been shut down. The very best act would be to nail down NATO, and wipe out the United Nations Organization. Further, close the hatch cover over The Council on Foreign Relations, as being wire-pulled through international finance. Little is it known that the City/county Management System is a third-party upcoming ruling order
meticulously spreading across America. This is the blind that ( tax payers ) are being milked.

What it amounts to; is that a blind boar hog can find an acorn in the dark. What is happening to above intelligent home owners in allowing property to be stolen through over taxation ? Tax payers should take the bull by its tail, and to look the situation, square into the face. It will be the same old case, one ass facing another. Borned loosers nihilistically grouped.

Posted by Bertharina Rina on 06/24/2017 at 11:46 PM

Re: “Richmond Hill Fire Department Summer Cook Off

What time is the Zumba class?

Posted by Marilyn Herd on 06/24/2017 at 10:09 AM

Re: “Editor's Note: Lessons from The Florence’s failure

Really looking forward to someone doing a more neighborhood friendly concept in that space, seemed a little weird to have fine dining in a student housing development That being said, always had a great experience at the Florence, had an Italian uncle come visit and he still talks about what great night he had there. It's a cool space, that bar upstairs has a lot of potential

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Posted by Brian Young on 06/23/2017 at 11:58 PM

Re: “Editor's Note: Lessons from The Florence’s failure

Sorry to hear that some tourists act like they are customers, unless you just mean over the top served. I agree about the Atlantic. I don't agree that Savannah can't compete with the big boys. I've been to Charleston a couple times, but keep coming back to Savannah, almost 20 times now, and I grew up just north of NYC. Savannah can support high price points if there is value. My take after watching Hugh on TV is that he was a little too big for his britches and didn't measure up.

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Posted by Deneen on 06/23/2017 at 2:48 PM

Re: “Polk’s On the Go: ‘From our store to your door’

I usually order the smaller box from Polk's every other week. I've always gotten high quality produce. Polk's has the best tomatoes-I always get those! And the last 2 boxes I ordered a watermelon as an add-on and found them to be the sweetest I have ever eaten! The convenience, the locally-sourced produce at the highest quality and the selection are what makes this service as wonderful as going to a farmers market.

Posted by Joy on 06/23/2017 at 11:23 AM

Re: “Editor's Note: Tony Thomas takes City Council with him to rock bottom

( Fin de Sicle )
Road Runners

The late Oliver Wendell Holmes of the Supreme Court:" Tourist are nothing less than universal tramps".
Sure, Mister Holmes, was not referring to well behaved people, of whom love to enjoy life in visiting historical cities. When a child, this city had visitors that were retained in polite mannerisms and dress---all respective in public appearance.
Times have changed! All cities across America are trying to recapture monies idly spent on social engineering proclivities.. The gangs in control of all cities have created the ancient Roman Circus festivities, in order to lull out of hand mobs back into their natural hunting grounds, of keeping the show on the road.
Every key city is hawking for monetary gain to keep their gang in office. None of them even think of preserving native cultures. When a city gives open arms to any and all so-called gatherings to meet
and have a free for all ball, here comes drunks, women chasers, drugs pushers, side walk bandits and professional hawkers, with their stolen wares. Drunks take over some elevated stream that usually is just a another swamp. At times a river actually exists. Whatever exists, alcohol is the main drawing card.
And, who gets all the police protection, not local tax paying home owners, but hundreds of drunks and public rabble rousers! This is nothing but shame on all public officials, in any city or state that openly yields to roving mobs, seeking a nice tourist trap, in order to let it all hang out. Here we have the good, bad, and the ugly all grouped together..
Thank goodness for the respectful tourist that stays out of what is classed as a tourist trap. Holmes was speaking of the sorry trash falsely classed as chasing some historical site. It would do well for the many to dress properly on the streets. Many have looked as though they represented some national garbage collector's union. Still. small mobs stroll late at night-- Pills, whiskey, women and suds are sought.

It isn't known who gets the bribes in order to allow drunken parties to actually control all bay areas in the tourist industry. In years to come hundreds of these good timers will be seeking food and housing having not saved for a rainy day. Today, across America these small once touring mobs make up one magnificent mob, with their hearts set upon a federal hand out. Political whores in office are allied in twisting this class of a mob's twisted thinking that the ( GOVERNMENT ) owes them free room and board.
Turn on any television and watch socializing commentators and half-witted nincompoops, fraudulently hammering into the same former tourist trap litigants, that the (GOVERNMENT ) should give them free biscuits so that the gutters running with milk and honey could be sopped, as an opposition in staying put
while propped in front of TV's. The Roman Circus must move along, to quell the mob's desire, for national socialism. Here the well heeled pro-commie political whore snakes his way into mob mentality. For this parasitic monstrosity of low intelligence hangs his will power on the limbs of professional boot licking!

Posted by Bertharina Rina on 06/23/2017 at 12:21 AM

Re: “Beware of false choices about tourism vs. livability

As a visitor to Savannah every year for the last thirteen or fourteen years I view the largest issue that needs to be tackled is CRIME. The tourists and the SCAD students are fair game for crime element of the city. I see the kids living and walking in areas that "seem" very suspect. This winter I heard stories of robberies and even murders that made us think twice about walking the Downtown Historic District at night. Although we plan to purchase a house and move to Downtown Savannah I am now having second thoughts about investing a substantial sum in an area that may loose its value because the city hasn't been willing or able to deal with the everyday mounting crime problems. Therefore the issues of tourism and lack of residential housing maybe handled buy the thug packing a gun. Wake up and deal with the overshadowing issues of poverty.

Steve Kahn

Posted by Steve Kahn on 06/22/2017 at 11:25 PM

Re: “Editor's Note: Lessons from The Florence’s failure

I've dined at The Florence and found the service less than acceptable. I've dined at The Atlantic and found the service impeccable, courteous, and proactive to meet my dietary desires. The attention to detail at The Atlantic impressed me as well as the quality of the culinary delights. Having eaten at Hugh Acheson's superior dining at "5 & 10" in Athens, I was disappointed in The Florence as I expected a more positive dining experience. I had hoped The Florence would overcome the growing pains and succeed. By all indications The Atlantic is fulfilling that void of an exceptional quality dining experience.

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Posted by Earth2andy on 06/22/2017 at 12:32 PM

Re: “Editor's Note: Lessons from The Florence’s failure

This town (thinking itself a city) doesn't breed a service culture, it breeds/attracts people that feel THEY should BE served. They don't live here, or not year round at any rate. The year round folks who are the blood that pumps this town (and work low paying service jobs) are not important to the powers that be because they don't make the city money. Out-of-towners make the city money so that is who they cater too. Pun intended.
If that 'famous' guy who opened Florence had been able to employ professionals (and grown ups!), people would be bragging about how THEY know where to park and how to get into the place. It would be a badge of honor! For locals that is. Getting my point?
The Atlantic was opened by folks who live HERE. The list of things that makes the Atlantic successful and the Florence not is a long one but I think that reason should be at the top.
Granted, the decor at Florence left everything to be desired (even the exterior discourages approach, oh how I miss Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!) and the prices were prohibitive but to fail so grandly, in a neighborhood that is CRAVING eateries and shopping away from downtown, you have to be doing it very, very wrong.

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Posted by glady on 06/22/2017 at 11:03 AM

Re: “Editor's Note: Lessons from The Florence’s failure

Claire's comment is so true. It took forever to find the entrance. I believe more people would have eaten there if they knew how to get in.
And once the front door was found, the parking was confusing.

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Posted by scarlett o'hara on 06/21/2017 at 11:18 PM

Re: “Editor's Note: Tony Thomas takes City Council with him to rock bottom

America is now being driven into a well planned
global depression, not a period of specific
recessions. Office appointed political whores,
collectively, kneel down to clan of international
banksters, with combined cultures, and of ethnic
ancestry. This mysterious empire is not at all
absolutely interested in monetary gain. Their chief
operation is to move into select capitalistic
nations, of global influence, in spreading the gospel
of pseudo-socialism, and all isms that various people
latch onto in order to maintain a preconceived idea
of existing from the womb too the tomb. As this
method has been used to destabilize all Third Word
countries, as stepping stones into the heart and
souls of any Republic not previously sanctioned as an
instrument of their web. AMERICA IS TO BE
Regimented WITH THE LOSS OF FREE SPEECH ! Thus the
First Amendment to the Constitution must be voided.

With out a doubt, our Republican/Democratic political
machine must become divided, splintered and totally
plundered, as though an unseen hand of a supposed
Luciferian influence has full control. As before
stated, materialistic greediness is only a means to
an end. To openly, steal, rob and plunder a nation, (
AMERICA ), is simply to imply that treason is being
committed in the highest echelons of national

Our Republic has been transformed into a national
(METROPOLITAN SEWER ). aiding in this inward
destruction. This is a massive flood of well-trained
revolutionaries, as trained Marxists, with the cry of
proletarians of the world unite. Marxism is the Bible
of mobocracy in our country, whether it is of
ignorance, or subtly instilled, via a national commie
machine of liberalized journalistic prostitution. The
revamping of public opinion is press orientated far
beyond comprehension.

Yes, indeed, every spiel of isms that lead to the
path of national socialism are fed to innocent
citizens of impaired vision, that usually end up with
mob intellect. And for all others of whom are aware
as to the changing tide of thought in difficult
times, are being freely fleeced of their substance by
planting the ever flippant line of thought in
difficult times, by planned inflation. Most are
innocently seduced via misinformed governmental
financial disclosure, are led astray being duped and
ignorantly misled, railroaded into every concept of
approaching socialism, by a some what national

The Southern United States is under Marxists
reconstruction no question about the Northern
hemisphere. The simple-minded are loaded down with
commie inspired news concealing liberalisms path
through the Bible belt of the United States. Working
people are hammered down with every day insignificant
trifles of news-hounding. Most of all, no child or
women are safe on the streets. Police protection, as
allied with SWAT and FEMA are more prone to protect
commercial interests alone. All school children need
more protection, and proper education to sustain them
through life. Socialism is not the answer. Hard work
and self-esteem is the very roots of individual

Posted by Bertharina Rina on 06/21/2017 at 10:22 PM

Re: “Editor's Note: Lessons from The Florence’s failure

I have never been to a restaurant where the customers complained that the music was too low. We go out to dinner to socialize, turn down the damn music.

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Posted by John Sherry Corcoran on 06/21/2017 at 9:54 PM

Re: “Editor's Note: Lessons from The Florence’s failure

Morekis earns an "A" for this essay...even if it stings like hell and leaves a mark.

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Posted by Murray Silver Jr. on 06/21/2017 at 7:45 PM

Re: “Editor's Note: Lessons from The Florence’s failure

The food was tops. The decor horrible. The noise impossible. Restaurateurs need to spend some money on acoustics. The Grey and the Atlantic are noisy as hell.

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Posted by Norman Ravitch on 06/21/2017 at 4:51 PM

Re: “Editor's Note: Lessons from The Florence’s failure

Great article to the point that needs addressing

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Posted by George Ryan on 06/21/2017 at 12:08 PM

Re: “Can weed cure cancer?

Here is my story. grateful

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i put up this piece of testimony for the sake of those once who need this oil to please don't die in silence their is a cure for your cancer today email: and get the oil.


Posted by Ogbefun Robert on 06/21/2017 at 11:57 AM

Re: “Editor's Note: Lessons from The Florence’s failure

I tried to go to the Florence when it first opened and couldn't figure out where to park. Never went back.

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Posted by Claire Peterson Barsic on 06/21/2017 at 9:39 AM

Re: “Editor's Note: Tony Thomas takes City Council with him to rock bottom

Elderly Ignored
NURSING HOME RACKET ( LAWYERS AND ROBBERY ) The scriptures denote: Until death do we depart. Pray to God that one never falls into the grip of some questionable nursing home, as in alliance with legal shysters, body and soul snatchers, as teamed to openly swindle helpless humans being caught in the net of criminality, in stealing and plundering sick and dying helpless patients.

This fraudulent malfeasance is devised to legally loot personal property from uninformed souls bound for nursing home care. This total scheme justifies the rape of innocent and helpless soul, of which unilaterally fall into the hands of devils in the flesh. Listed below blows such racketeering activity beyond comprehension. Through bribing state, county, and city this criminality spreads like a cancerous growth of massive proportions. Exemplified!

Entering a nursing home, (many), and not able to survive; home owners are not notified that after a specific stay their property can be confiscated. Such indigents are unmercifully robbed into signing all moneys and property into the investors pockets. Such agents of alien extraction use this scheme in raking into millions, sending moneys back to be rerouted in another back alley racket, in looting helpless tax paying souls.

Our public has no legal protection against this enforced corruption. Lapdog politicians and slum-masters work hand-in-glove, with this scheme. Mary Flookin, aged 80 on Social Security is wheeled into Heaven on Earth nursing home. Her funds come to an end. She had owned two acres of land, a home valued at seventy five thousand dollars. She is compelled to sign over her estate to remain in commercial bondage. This soul expired within two years. Her bill was forty-five thousand dollars. Legal and political ghouls pockets the remaining money of a home valued at seventy-five thousand, and criminal investors cleaned up. Who ever reads this could possibly find themselves as victims. Ms. Flookin made the mistake of misunderstanding state political prostitution, being in the hands of anti social renegades, of whom have never actually produced any real wealth. Special appointed bureaucrats, parasites keep the system afloat. Ms. Floot realized that an actual Hell on earth did exist.


Posted by Bertharina Rina on 06/20/2017 at 10:23 AM

Re: “Editor's Note: Tony Thomas takes City Council with him to rock bottom


Christian America is hopelessly in its struggle against the all-out invasion of global revolutionaries, as the sewers of the East are flushing its incendiaries of beneficial hatred, being infused with the Marxian perception of its vile and vicious hatred of civilized mankind. All in all, the up-coming selection is between good and greater evil. Rats and muck-divers team up as tumble-turds stepping forward from individual dumpsters. George Romney is a scoundrel and monstrous sycophant. If George Romney is a Christian then HOG is a jet pilot. He possesses the feature of a professional lemon sucker. The national gum-beaters association would not let him into its back door. Too, his fellow sycophants fall in line as burnt-out mud-slappers.

This enemy within, political hacks, lurks through the halls of congress , into the most elevated realms of state. Its octopus like fangs mellow-down within all level of states, as dependencies feeding from a national confrontational scheme, as rats like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, and Kasish are thrown in, while fronting for an invisible hand of individual ruthless spitefulness, as tokened hyper venting swindling; in harboring as liars ingested with genetically inherited dispositions worming quite wayward through a path via a mental disorder of psychic demeanor riveted as, Ineluctable Determinism. This self-imposed masked hysteria cultivates open political hyperventilating mayhem, an ugly order cultivating an
unholy outlet for entertainment.Individual neurotic personality decadence and degeneration, orally cap stoned as unique organised confusion between a fallacious hatred for STATE stability, and hostility geared to such genetic instability, snaking its way back to ancient totem-pole fascination, of which was marketed among sub-humanity in Abrahams day. Modern day political syphilis inveigh- I dont care if Im right. This pattern of twisted thoughtless hysterics well fit the office seeking escapading nonsense as an organized maleu of muck slingers three stooges, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and me- too Kasish, with throwing in a wannabe hook-nosed Mitt Romney.
From the gutter of leftism, unmanly discontents, outfitted substituted vermin, nurturing embellished suppressed idiotic behavior deliverance, as a temporally oriented organic fixation; Such mud slappers, specifically subservient to an iconHATRED, failed as a fools fool. Mitt Romney, previously embalmed, arises as a left over deadbeat from a pro-socialist clam bake.
Unfortunately, Here, we have a roost of quadrupled blockheads, as burned out odd-balls, posed as boot licking ass kissers, subservient to devils in national office; and clowns in hock to one massive melancholia news media. More So, we have journalistic clod busters, media, hawking for 4 losers, as outhouse bandits looking for a fresh warm meal.

Remarkable it is, that a nest of cheaply bought laid- backs, four dunces, officiating office-seeking pundits, pirating for Communism, perpetuating per-porn industries and Hollywood socialists infiltration. Such knot heads toss a good man, ( Trump ), aside, in furthering some implication, that America needs a harlot for President. Apparently, The war for a national leader resonates, with the desires of a hidden-hand nestling the seed of Bolshevism, as The District Of Columbia has its own commie red-light of reds in bed.Naturally, planting the maneuvering of 4 snatch-ups is equivalent to eventually melt into universal socialism, in using shoddy ambushing in order to gain office through political banditry, as tools of those elite; of whom intend to pull America into the ever ascendancy web of universal globalism. Indeed, through ballot-box banditry, as tools of those elite, ( 4 stooges ), cleverly intend to pull America into the web of universal globalism; to gain office through political prostitution, as tools of whom intend to grab an election as rats for hire !

This spoken crew as hog-washing the populace covers rotary official political gangsterismtools of a rooted elite, using idiots as useful bait, selfishly seek monetary gain, as soulsuseful; intend to reroute America into an ever incipient hell, as a gang of universal globalists rabble-rousing mobs, being influenced by way of underhanded, unscrupulous bastards, ready to bargain selvesfor fists full of filthy lucre. Absolutely! Rubio, John Kasish, Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney, would make good dumpster divers. Our Lord often spoke of such gullible humanity as ( dogs ), turning to consume their own vomit ). Rubio and Cruz should return to Cuba for a new start. Indeed, anyone can become presidentfor the Humane Society. The human dung generated by four losers should go centrifugal, as food for the political rodents previously gathered in order to be fed.
We have four sorry scumbags in attempting to Bolshevise America. The Supreme Court is now the Sanhedrin with bums like these in tow.

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Posted by Bertharina Rina on 06/19/2017 at 8:46 AM

Re: “Deadheads unite: Meet the Charlie Fog Band

I'm a deadhead heading to savannah today the 19th for a week looking for some good tunes while I'm there. Any help would be appreciated.

Posted by seth0570 on 06/19/2017 at 8:10 AM

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