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Re: “Editor's Note: Savannah enters the gun control debate

Try again. Until the buyer kills your family. He'd one it before.

Posted by Ric Hollis on 08/21/2019 at 2:57 PM

Re: “Editor's Note: Savannah enters the gun control debate

Until the killer kills your family. (He'd done it before)

Posted by Ric Hollis on 08/21/2019 at 2:56 PM

Re: “Editor's Note: Time to expand our to-go cup area - a modest proposal

You could have cut n pasted some of these same "rights" and "trust" sentences to your gun article..

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Posted by on 08/21/2019 at 2:48 PM

Re: “Editor's Note: Savannah enters the gun control debate

"...banning of any magazines more than ten rounds.
Who does anyone think they are to tell me how many rounds I am legally allowed to defend my families lives when 4 thugs home invade me ? ?

Most liberals only want to make laws that honest law-abiding citizens are affected.
CRIMINALS don't care about your silly gun laws !

The only way a mass shooting "becomes Savannah" is if you bring back the "liberal killing zones" (aka Gun Free Zones) or disarm legal FREE gun owners from their Constitutional 2nd Amendment right,, and make them easy/soft targets.

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Posted by on 08/21/2019 at 2:43 PM

Re: “Editor's Note: Film industry at stake with Abrams vs. Kemp?

Jimmy, just because Abrams plays the Race Card constantly and says FREE alot,,
does not make her "great at campaigning"....


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Posted by on 08/21/2019 at 2:35 PM

Re: “Editor's Note: Savannah enters the gun control debate

So a guy needs to raise some cash and he sells one of his guns to another guy who is interested. Why would the seller want or need to check the "background" of the buyer? What should he care? He wants to sell, the buyer wants to buy. That is (or used to be) the American way, no?

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Posted by Mr. Vinegaroon on 08/21/2019 at 2:00 PM
Posted by Michael Neal on 08/21/2019 at 11:32 AM

Re: “Editor's Note: Time to expand our to-go cup area - a modest proposal

Jim, great idea, but we need to deal with all those plastic cups better than just tossing them in the trash. With 15 million+ annual visitors in Savannah and Tybee, the number of cups used and discarded are staggering. Dont we have a responsibility to properly dispose of the cups we encourage people to use outdoors? Very few are currently recycled (they have to be a #1 or #2 AND be placed in the recycle bin, and Solo cups arent even recyclable). How about making plant-based cups that are collected and composted by the City, or better yet, the County, a key component of the expansion proposal? Its about time!

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Posted by Tim Arnold on 08/14/2019 at 6:09 PM

Re: “Editor's Note: Time to expand our to-go cup area - a modest proposal

To your initial point, we have lost our city. Downtown Savannah is now a theme park. We used to pride ourselves and having a living and working historic city. But very few Savannahians live downtown anymore. Now it's mostly bnbs or student housing. If you're not involved in tourism or SCAD, then you are just in the way. As for your second point, I fully endorse the idea of to go cups citywide. If we are going to limit it to certain areas, be sure to include Habersham Village, another area were locals are still welcomed.

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Posted by Skip Jennings on 08/14/2019 at 2:54 PM

Re: “Editor's Note: Time to expand our to-go cup area - a modest proposal

Make the "whole district" to go from river st to victory drive and MLK over to broad st. To encompass this idea of old historical downtown districts.

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Posted by Douglas Kaufman on 08/14/2019 at 11:14 AM

Re: “Editor's Note: SAV, ATL, and the ‘Superstar City’

Regarding " a stagnant or even decreasing tax base" does this mean that families and individuals who relocated here pay little or no taxes at all? At least in this story, "startups" go beyond those businesses on Broughton Street which open up with little or no advertising (one hardly notices their presence) prices in them are out the wahzoo. 18 months there is a banner in their windows which say either "going out of business" or "clearance sale...everything must go, even the fixtures". I have heard "local leaders" ad nauseam espouse the value of higher education to this local economy. What they say results in two extremes, the graduates are over qualified or don't have the skills which employers need. Every person comes out short-changed.

Posted by Ivan B. Cohen on 08/12/2019 at 12:13 PM

Re: “Editor's Note: SAV, ATL, and the ‘Superstar City’

Well, it appears as though Savannah has gotten a start on leveraging that uniqueness with the spate of hotels that have gone up. Of course, this has occurred to the lament of many, however, it does seem to be a likely response to "harnessing" Savannah's tourist draw. Civic projects such as the wonderfully envisioned baseball stadium on the river, IMO, are endeavors that would have the city's appeal growing in multiple directions. There are others in the works, of course, but clearly it is industry that is needed to augment the infastructure.

Posted by bigmyc on 08/08/2019 at 12:05 PM

Re: “Demolished or saved?

It's just going to end up being hotel space, which is all the city government is interested in. It's a terrible venue, but I fear what will be there next in the further transformation of Historic Savannah into a theme park. Maybe they can build a "haunted mansion" for all the morons and their ghost tours.

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Posted by Douglas Morse on 08/08/2019 at 12:35 AM

Re: “Demolished or saved?

Let's assume for the moment that the entire Civic Center footprint is dedicated to housing. What's to prevent the entire area from becoming just more air bnbs?

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Posted by Skip Jennings on 08/07/2019 at 2:09 PM

Re: “Green bike lanes: A Savannah success story

As a bicyclist in this town and living off Lincoln St the green bike lane is awesome.
Now, if we can only get motorist to make a COMPLETE STOP at a Stop Sign while texting (this includes Police) that would save lives too.

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Posted by Eric LaSalle on 08/07/2019 at 1:43 PM

Re: “Old Sears Building is a potential answer to several problems

Who owns it?

Posted by Anthony Williams on 08/03/2019 at 3:45 PM

Re: “Congressman Carter’s performance casts grave doubts

Excellent piece. I didnt know that about officials contracting out their weekly newsletters. That probably also helps explain Perdues pablum and the letters I get in response to specific issues that barely seem related to my concerns.

But we must remember they must spend so much time dialing for dollars and showing up to be fed by lobbyists.

Posted by Diane J. Shearer on 08/02/2019 at 6:04 PM

Re: “Congressman Carter’s performance casts grave doubts

Regarding Carter's "hard work" you might consider that his promotional activities, which may include his weekly digital communications, are contracted out to a service-provider that offers similar benefits to other elected officials. Carter mentioned this in attempting to explain his fundraising event based on oil and gas interests. According to him, the campaign promotion people set up the event without Carter's knowledge or advanced participation.

In any case, it is quite likely that his routine weekly communications are done by paid staff, with only nominal input from Carter. His performance gives the distinct impression that he strictly adheres to the party playbook, with little understanding of the issues and justifications for alternative positions, or commitment to principles that serve legitimate public interest.

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Posted by David Kyler 1 on 08/02/2019 at 11:47 AM

Re: “Congressman Carter’s performance casts grave doubts

Mr Carter sends a weekly newsletter and is also active on Facebook. While it does appear that he is a hard worker, the content of his communications reveals that he isn't a very good representative of the people of the district, especially the 42.3% of constituents who did not vote for him in 2018. He nearly always takes hard right partisan rather than bipartisan positions, thus fomenting conflict at a time that we need to come together as a nation

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Posted by billr on 08/01/2019 at 9:40 AM

Re: “Homeless churches helping homeless people: Part Two

@ Michael Chaney: Are you dizzy? There's no "God's Kingdom," and if there was, it wouldn't be under a bridge somewhere. I wouldn't eat food in a rat's nest full of winos, derelicts and freeloaders on a bet, nor do I care to hear some bible-thumper hold forth.

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Posted by Mr. Vinegaroon on 07/31/2019 at 3:35 PM

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