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Re: “Emporium Kitchen & Wine Market brings ‘It’ Factor to Perry Lane Hotel

There are multiple menus that can be found online by a simple search of Emporium Kitchen & Wine Market. To make it easier for you, I have added the link:
Simply search menus.

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Posted by A Common Connoisseur on 06/25/2018 at 8:37 PM

Re: “Emporium Kitchen & Wine Market brings ‘It’ Factor to Perry Lane Hotel

Someone should teach Maria how to do Menu links....

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Posted by on 06/20/2018 at 7:04 PM

Re: “Barstool Traveler: Mexico

One can find "Victoria" ... sometimes. "Bohemia" is both 'Pilsner' and 'Oscura' (dark) types. ... posted from San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico.

Posted by elchinero on 05/01/2018 at 7:39 PM

Re: “Cow by Bear: Pop-up perfection

Isn't it wonderful to have such gifted writers that always post the link to a menu whenever a new restaurant pops up ? ?

Oh wait.......

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Posted by on 04/26/2018 at 2:10 PM

Re: “Le Café Gourmet

I love this place, but only get there on the weekends. I think they are going to need a larger kept secret for Breakfast or Brunch!! JudyO

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Posted by Judith Odrezin on 03/21/2018 at 1:17 PM

Re: “El Coyote: Howlingly good Mexican food

so glad to see another restaurant in that space. it sounds delish!! thanks to Lindy for scoping it out!

Posted by Judith Odrezin on 03/07/2018 at 2:36 PM

Re: “Pie Society aims for the sky

Good catch, fixing now!

Posted by Jim Morekis on 01/16/2018 at 10:20 PM

Re: “Pie Society aims for the sky

Beef tallow, not fallow :)

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Posted by lozzachops on 01/16/2018 at 3:26 PM

Re: “Second Harvest: Breaking the cycle of poverty, through food

Great to read! Hunger, poverty, malnutrition are the various problem that most of the people are suffering these days. Due to which the fortunate who believes in helping other participates in different charity programs as well as volunteering activities such as mission humanitaire( ) for helping others as well as discover new community and tradition along with volunteering.

Posted by MarthaSingleton on 01/10/2018 at 6:04 AM

Re: “Husk is here!

All those stairs! Are there accommodations for handicapped or wheelchairs?

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Posted by decaturann on 01/09/2018 at 2:11 PM

Re: “Embrace the sourness

Monday Night Brewing's Garage, which opened recently on Atlanta's Beltline, has Georgia's first coolship.

Posted by Tim Dennis on 11/14/2017 at 12:02 PM

Re: “Late night eats & where to find ‘em

Uh, I'm pretty sure Sweet Melissa's opened in, like, 2005 or 2006.

Posted by brentmcgee on 09/22/2017 at 2:46 PM

Re: “Ogeechee Meat Market: Old-school butchers bring new-breed operation to Savannah

They dont sell stock, which is really the litmus test for a butcher. And it's not a "whole animal" butcher. They are okay but really not so amazing. Price is good here, but for those of that want true, top quality, it's not relevant.

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Posted by Ohthatskindafun on 09/20/2017 at 8:38 AM

Re: “Keeping it Current on the islands

What a pity about Ele's! It used to be a place of luxury and dignity and interesting decor. It is becoming just another redneck hangout for Islanders.

Posted by Norman Ravitch on 08/29/2017 at 10:35 AM

Re: “'Schummthing' special on Tybee

A friend and I went by Sunday evening at 9pm and it was closed. The hours weren't posted so we thought it would be open. Have they officially re-opened yet?

Posted by jamiedelta on 08/08/2017 at 5:12 PM

Re: “Polk’s On the Go: ‘From our store to your door’

I usually order the smaller box from Polk's every other week. I've always gotten high quality produce. Polk's has the best tomatoes-I always get those! And the last 2 boxes I ordered a watermelon as an add-on and found them to be the sweetest I have ever eaten! The convenience, the locally-sourced produce at the highest quality and the selection are what makes this service as wonderful as going to a farmers market.

Posted by Joy on 06/23/2017 at 11:23 AM

Re: “Craft Brew Fest Survival Guide

My husband and I are wanting to do something a little different for a vacation this year, and he came up with the idea that we go to a beer brewing festival! I agreed with him, but now I am wanting to know more about what I can expect and what I should prepare for when we go. I like the idea you gave about using the cameras on our phones to pictures of the labels of the beers we like the most, especially where my husband is picky so it will be great to remember the beers he likes! This is going to be an interesting and fun experience for us, and your advice will really help make sure we get the best out of our time at the festival!

Posted by Alex Dean on 04/28/2017 at 2:19 PM

Re: “Here's to Kevin Barry's

I drank a lot,with a a customer who had been apparently a bad one. And they refused to serve me. I didnt know he was a bad custermer I hade spent about 49.00$ there. There treated me as bad as there bad customers. I had did the Irish tradition of giving the stranger a drink. The bartenders are horrible and treated me like dirt when I asked them for water when I wanted to sober up!!! A disgusting discusting place I hope you never visit there.!!!!!!!

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Posted by sedgoodhart on 04/18/2017 at 10:11 PM

Re: “Good Greens: Eat better, not less

I live on Wilmington Island and did not know this was there! Exciting news; thanks for the story!

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Posted by Logger Head on 02/24/2017 at 3:10 PM

Re: “Good Greens: Eat better, not less

I live at Isle of Hope but look forward to driving over to check this place out. It sounds interesting! And the food choices sound yummy!

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Posted by Lynn Platt Hagan on 02/23/2017 at 7:50 AM

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