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  • Editor's Note: Earth Day perspectives

    There's a whole phenomenon of "astroturf" groups, i.e., the opposite of grassroots, in which corporate dollars fund front organizations which purport to do research in the public good but which actually serve a specific agenda.
  • A cycling spin on Earth Day
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  • A cycling spin on Earth Day

    Reduced carbon emissions are the most easily recognizable benefit of replacing car trips with bike trips. But it's not just about burning fossil fuels. Providing parking for cars carries an environmental cost.
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  • The Straight Dope
  • Motorcycle seats & sperm

    A metastudy found that more than half of male bicyclists suffered from genital numbness, and between an eighth and a quarter said they suffered from ED. Female cyclists don't have it any better, reporting numbness, difficult urination, pain, and difficulty achieving orgasm.

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