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  • Review: The Judge
  • Film Reviews
  • Review: The Judge

    Downey Jr. and Duvall are both excellent actors, and their roles certainly fit them like tailored suits. But playing to their strengths proves to be a weakness, since it results in performances offering little that's fresh or surprising.
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  • Review: Dracula Untold
  • Film Reviews
  • Review: Dracula Untold

    History's own Vlad III, whose gruesome modus operandi of mounting corpses on stakes earned him the nickname Vlad the Impaler, would probably likewise be startled to learn that he had the ability to leap over tall castles with a single bound.
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  • The Straight Dope
  • Naked singularities

    Hawking says black holes “should be redefined as metastable bound states of the gravitational field,” which I take to mean they may not necessarily be the one-way ticket to oblivion previously assumed.

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