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  • Review: Aloha
  • Film Reviews
  • Review: Aloha

    Emma Stone seems too young for her role, and Allison remains as much a conceit as an actual character – she’s like a manic pixie dream girl in uniform.
  • Review: San Andreas
  • Film Reviews
  • Review: San Andreas

    The actors play their likable characters with conviction, making it easy to sympathize with their plight, and the special effects are consistently excellent, with some visuals that really pop in 3-D. But after about an hour, the picture hits a brick wall, settling into a measured routine that grows tedious.
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  • The Ghost Dog Diaries
  • 'They're HE-RE.'

    In the first year after the birth of a child, many of my clients have reported the phenomenon of sensing, hearing or smelling the presence of their loved ones who have passed.

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