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  • Review: Inside Out
  • Film Reviews
  • Review: Inside Out

    These excursions, which easily top those taken through Tomorrowland and Jurassic World, result in some of the most potent set-pieces in the Pixar canon, with select bits even invoking the spirit of the gems Hayao Miyazaki made for Studio Ghibli.
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  • The Ghost Dog Diaries
  • H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

    Where you might see science as something created by humans to disprove the existence of God and His glorious creations, I see it as empirical evidence of His inexplicable miracles. Especially Quantum Physics... they’re pretty damn awesome!
  • Can we harvest icebergs for fresh water yet?
  • The Straight Dope
  • Can we harvest icebergs for fresh water yet?

    With global warming well under way, icebergs should be breaking free and floating past our coasts any day now—and corralling one or two giant frozen chunks of fresh water certainly sounds easier than reducing excess consumption.

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