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  • Sep 9-15, 2015
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  • College Guide: Thanks for riding your bike!

    You never have to feed parking meters, pay parking citations or fork over cash to retrieve your car from impound. You won’t be late for class because you couldn’t find a parking place. You will discover lovely and fascinating parts of Savannah that you’d never notice from inside a car.

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  • Relieve stress with these good vibration meditations

    When the demands of your course work, outside jobs and roommates get stressful, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to tend to the things in your life that are growing and to rid yourself of those pesky weeds.

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  • Review: No Escape
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  • Review: No Escape

    It’s easy to understand why this movie is getting hammered in many quarters as offensive agitprop. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that No Escape works on a gut level – I haven’t seen a more intense motion picture during all of 2015.


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