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  • Oct 14-20, 2015
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  • Editor's Note: A word on political coverage

    We believe our readers are capable of coming to their own informed conclusions about who to vote for. My personal editorial philosophy is always to encourage 1) civic responsibility and 2) critical thinking skills. I don't presume to tell our readers how to vote.
  • Challenge 2015: Zena McClain, District 6
  • Politics
  • Challenge 2015: Zena McClain, District 6

    'I don’t believe the Council has been focused. They’ve not operated with a strategic plan or clear vision for city. And they have waited too long. It has had serious affects on safety and security.'

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  • Review: Bridge of Spies
  • Film Reviews
  • Review: Bridge of Spies

    A classy, highbrow, important picture, the sort designed to nab Oscar nominations by the fistful. It’s also Steven Spielberg continuing his march toward the status of elder statesman of the American cinema.
  • Review: Crimson Peak
  • Film Reviews
  • Review: Crimson Peak

    Del Toro clearly means for Crimson Peak to register as a throwback to classic films steeped in Gothic ambience, but he piles on the artifice to such an excessive degree that the entire project suffers from overbearing overkill.


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