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  • Jul 5-11, 2017
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  • Bring on the f'n Robot Cars!
  • An Urbanist View
  • Bring on the f'n Robot Cars!

    This is the end-game for Uber and Lyft (and Google, and Tesla...). Their current systems (with human drivers, ha) are just potty-training you for the real revolution, my friends
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  • Self-driving cars and the shifting definition of freedom

    There is freedom in firing up a fast car, or even a not-so-fast car, and just taking to the road and being your own boss — a feeling you might not have in many other parts of your life. Then again, there’s also very real freedom in tapping on Uber or Lyft — or soon enough, summoning a shareable self-driving vehicle.

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  • Review: Baby Driver
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  • Review: Baby Driver

    Writer-director Edgar Wright deserves the lion’s share of the kudos, not only for assembling a note-perfect cast but also for providing them with dialogue that’s often a pleasure to encounter.
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