Inside Ana A.'s sustainable accessories workshop

Discover eco-friendly fashion items made with a Colombian connection

"My workshop is sustainable. Each piece is one of a kind. I'm a designer, artist, and artisan. I love working with my hands. I love to design," says Ana Barragan.

Barragan uses thoughtful, eco-friendly materials from Colombia to produce her wood collection pieces. Beautiful, sustainable materials determine her one-of-a-kind designs and shapes. In her collection, you will find eyewear, cuffs, pendants, rings, and Piñatex purses. Her accessory concepts are sustainable high-quality pieces made with all-natural materials and no chemicals.

“All of my woods come from Colombia, where my provider supplier has the wood certificates required to produce sustainable work,” Barragan said.

The designer is working on new concepts every day, photo shoots, and designing a new line of sustainable Piñatex wood bags and sunglasses in 2021. “I started designing a unique fashion wood accessory made with Piñatex, a natural fiber made from pineapple leaves,” Barragan says.

“My woodwork is a knowledge passed by generations where quality has been perfected to get to have the product of today. My woods are totally unique. You have to feel them,” Barragan said.