POP! POP! POW to open at Location Gallery

Austin Hill Realty presents POP! POP! POW opening June 4 at Location Gallery.

“We thought this show was a great way to promote good cheer for a hopeful future,” said Location Gallery Director Peter E. Roberts. “And to add to the festivities, members of the Savannah Philharmonic will be performing live at the opening,” POP! POP! POW, a charitable event held at Location Gallery 251 Bull St Savannah, GA 31401, featuring live pop music provided by the Savannah Philharmonic features a powerful art trio of pop artists Maxx Feist, Marta McWhorter, and Peter E. Roberts. Each artist’s style of artwork presented in Location Gallery’s first pop art show comes together into a joyful, colorful and vivid experience benefiting the Savannah Philharmonic.

“This show is allowing me to re-exhibit one of my most beloved series of works, ‘Of Toys and Tools,’ which was on view in The Telfair Museums Jepson Center in late 2015 into early 2016.” - Marta McWhorter

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“Through a series of still life paintings modeled from my kids’ toys and my art-making tools, the pieces explore the link between the toys we use in imaginative play and the tools we use to reimagine the world as artists and makers in our adult lives," said Artist Marta McWhorter.

McWhorter is a multi-media artist whose works include drawing, painting, installation, woodworking and theatre work as the stage manager at the Lucas Theatre. McWhorter captures minimalist details of style, form and shape during her semi-blind contouring style process.

Paper cut assemblage artist and gallery director Peter E. Roberts’s “Box Pop” series will include 36 pieces of pandemic-created works of art inspired by an array of hidden pop culture figures such as Harvey Ball, a personality that is famously known for drawing the iconic smiley face. Robert’s small-scale 6x6 cutout collection is an artistic exploration through experimentation of different paper, patterns, texture and built layers.

“I like the idea that people were pop culture of their own period but not necessarily now,” Roberts explained. “They’re celebrities, but they’re a little bit off-kilter or unknown where their accomplishments have been even far greater due to the nature of time.”

Maxx Feist is an avid, self-taught painter influenced by caffeine, heavy metal and true crime podcasts. Her work has a playful juxtaposition balancing sinister subject matter with a bright colorful explosion of abstract shapes.

“I am an Asheville artist currently residing in Savannah,” Feist said. “I paint bright, fun, whimsical monster art. I use a power-pop palette of color with a heavy focus on shades of pink. I have created 10 new pieces for this show. My goal is to bring a bit of positivity and fun to what has been a very dark time.”

POP! POP! POW is a charitable pairing of visual and auditorial experience where art and music go together at Location Gallery, June 4, 6-8 p.m., featuring live pop music provided by the Savannah Philharmonic as part of their weekly Music on the Square series.

Follow the artists on social media, @locationgallery; @marta_mchorter; @maxx_feist and @petereroberts.