Making a Lasting Connection

PART II: Meet our matchmaker, Amanda Rose

Amanda Rose of Prestige Connections
Last week, Connect Savannah introduced you to our new anonymous dating series and our two singles looking for love. Since then, professional matchmaker Amanda Rose has been hard at work searching for the perfect match for Regan and Juan.

So, how exactly does matchmaking work? We sat down with Rose to get the scoop on her decade-long career setting people up on dates.

Rose is the founder of three different companies. Prestige Connections is her professional matchmak-ing service; Dating Boutique is her dating consult-ing agency that does relationship workshops, date coaching and more; and Swoon Me Events is her company that puts on singles events in cities across the southeast.

“I’ve worked with thousands of singles,” Rose said. “I only take on a handful of matchmaking clients every few months because it is a very dedicated pro-cess, but we’ll have anywhere from 30 to 100 or more people at a singles event.”

Rose said the rate of successful relationships that come out of the three companies is high.

“I look at success stories as exclusive relation-ships to marriage,” Rose said. “Anybody who’s in a long-term relationship, a committed relationship, engaged or married.”

She said she frequently receives feedback and updates of all kinds from matchmaking clients and people who attended one of her events.

“I just had someone message me and say that they met in 2017 though me, and they just got mar-ried,” Rose said. “I also recently had someone call and say their friend met their boyfriend through me eight years ago and they’re still together. People don’t always keep me updated - and I don’t bug them - but we do have some really great success stories.”

Some of those success stories can be credited to Rose’s thorough matchmaking process. As we told you last week, the first step was for Reagan and Juan to fill out their dating profile with questions about themselves, their interests, and what they’re looking for in a partner. They also did a consultation with Rose to discuss their answers in a bit more detail.

“As soon as I start the interview process, I get an idea of who they are and who they’ll jive with,” Rose said. “I have a picture in mind of each person’s match.”

From there, Rose takes the wheel.

“We start headhunting,” Rose said. “It’s like job headhunting, but for love. We look in all kinds of places. We’ll look in our own system; we’re known

to approach people at coffee shops. We also have a large social media network. We’ll put things out on there, or we’ll put things out in our newsletter. We’ll look for referrals from people in certain industries. We also target certain events and charity functions. I try to leave no stone unturned.”

Approaching a complete stranger at a coffee shop or on LinkedIn might sound a little odd, but Rose said she’s usually well received.

“I usually say ‘I know this is a crazy question, but are you single? I’m a matchmaker and I have a client that I think you might be great for,’” Rose said. “I’m always looking at people to see how they interact with people around them. I look for people who are friendly, who look like they’re approachable and might be single. I’m not always correct, but I give it a chance.”

When a person is single and is interested in learn-ing more, Rose said the next step is to do a screen-ing of the date. She interviews them, confirms their employment, and runs a background check. Then, she starts planning a first date!

“We make sure it’s something that they’re both interested in doing, something that’s fun,” Rose said. “I love interactive dates with an activity because it creates more connection.”

Every client is different, Rose explained. She said sometimes, a client is ready to go on the date right away, and sometimes they need a little encouragement and preparation.

“We customize everything for everybody,” Rose said. “There are quite a few clients that come to me, and they had been married for 20 years and then they’re all of a sudden back in the dating game. It’s a whole new life for them, so we’ll go through a styl-ing process with them. We’ll do their hair, makeup, clothes and then send them out.”

Rose said she never gives away personal details of her clients like the neighborhood they live in, their phone number, their last name, etc.

“I leave that up to the party to exchange that information,” Rose said. “We hope they do, we hope that they exchange phone numbers and go on a second date. But if not, it’s completely private and they never have to talk to that person again. It’s a safe way to date.”

After the date, Rose said she asks for feedback and uses it to make her matchmaking process even more precise to help her clients find love.

Rose joked, “I go on all the bad dates, and set them up with all the good ones!”

Next week, we’ll check back in on Reagan and Juan’s journey with Rose. They’ll each go through a styling session and get prepped for their first date.

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