Made by Makers 'Last Drop of Summer' market will set up shop at Alida hotel

Co-Owners Ashley Whitaker and Bradley Henninger at the Palm Springs Makers Market in May 2021.
Co-Owners Ashley Whitaker and Bradley Henninger at the Palm Springs Makers Market in May 2021.

Summer is coming to a close, which means the Made by Makers market is having its “Last Drop of Summer.” 

With a mini-market that includes 8 local makers, guests are invited to browse the selection and enjoy refreshments while attending the market in the Alida Hotel lobby on Saturday, Aug. 21 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Made by Makers owner Ashley Whitaker is no stranger to markets. She had been running other markets since 2018 along with being a professor at SCAD. But with the pandemic came a career change for her, leading to the launch of Made by Makers as a brand of its own in October of 2020. 

Now almost a year later, she and Co-Owner, Bradley Henninger, run nearly 20 different Made by Makers markets throughout Savannah ranging in size and vendors. 

“One of the most fun things about coming to a maker’s market is that you’re shopping for your next favorite piece and you’re getting to meet the person that actually made it,” Whitaker said. “You’re getting to hear their story and how they came about it. I think that makes it that much more special.”

Whitaker hosts 2 large Spring and Fall markets throughout the year while sprinkling in smaller markets. The last Fall market had 35 makers in attendance, but now they’re needing to look for spaces big enough to host 100 makers.

“It’s been amazing to watch it grow and see two people that never would’ve found each other organically but through the market have met and created collaborations with each other,” Whitaker said. “I mean, that’s the most rewarding to see.”

The dream of creating a highly curated marketplace was a dream Whitaker wanted to chase. With an application coming out before every market, she is able to pick and choose who will fill the vendor spots. 

“I am—low-key—an emotional wreck the entire day because I am so involved with my makers, and their lives, and their sales,” Whitaker said. “At our last market so many of our makers told us it was their best sales day ever, or they sold completely out, or I just casually made my rent. I cry right along with them.”

For Whitaker and artists like herself, this market is life-changing. Five years from now she hopes to expand Made by Makers into more of the surrounding cities. 

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