Three spots football fans need to add to their lists

Pimento cheese dip and chips from Dub's Pub on River St.

And just like that, here we are sitting on September’s doorstep. Of course, that means a lot of things to a lot of different people, but for the purposes of a good majority of us in the South, it means the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, football season.

Game watches in the Fall (Saturday or Sunday) can be about as traditional as apple pie sometimes. If you are passionate about your team, then chances are you have your 1-2 spots where you would actually consider watching a game outside of the comforts of your own home. Me? The bigger the game, the more I want to be alone. At home. No distractions, no conversation. Just the game.

Of course there are plenty of other times when I want to watch “A game” or “The Game” that has nothing to do with my team or teams, so I do have a handful of spots that I will head out to gather for game time.

For the purposes of this time together (and because there’s another story about them in this issue), we are going to skim past the usual suspects in Savannah. Coach’s Corner, B&D Burgers and Savannah Taphouse are quite possibly the three most popular spots (north of Victory Drive) for a game. If you know about that, then you know. 

Great. Here are a few others you may not have considered but you should.

Dub’s Pub -West River Street

Along with The Warehouse, Dub’s Pub is probably the best game watching spot on. River Street. I’ve been rolling down there for ball games since long before the Plant Riverside complex was built in front of it. There are a ton of televisions, the food is good and it makes for an easy afternoon on the waterfront post game if that is your speed. I’ve not tried it but I’m told if you like spicy bloody marys, that is your spot. 

Starland Yard

Too easy of a choice right?. You’d be surprised how many people forget about it when it comes to game day. The televisions are spread through the complex; the bar is huge. The staff is friendly. But the part I like best are the options for food. We all know about the rotating food trucks there, but Pizzeria Vittoria is always a good call when you just want to nosh on a little something with a beer during your game. Hard to find a better spot if you like being outdoors and enjoying a game.

Oak 36 - Midtown

Oak 36 is just beginning their second year in the 12 Oaks Shopping Center midtown Savannah. I don’t think anyone would call this a sports bar by any stretch, but there are televisions positioned all over the dining room and two huge ones behind the bar. If you are not wanting to listen to a game, just keep tabs on a score or two while enjoying some well made casual bites, then you may want to consider Oak 36. The brussels sprouts are outstanding. The chicken fingers? Maybe Savannah’s best. I would certainly put them up against anyone.