Country duo Maddie + Tae come to District Live


In 2014, Maddie + Tae were just two 18 year-old girls, taking voice lessons with hopes of one day making it big. 

Now, they are an award-winning singer/songwriter country music duo and more than just ‘Girls in a Country Song.’ So, how did two smalltown teenage girls pave their way into Nashville during a time when male country was dominating the airwaves? Fate, determination, and talent of course.

In 2010, a new subgenre of Country music was emerging, ‘bro-country,’ and artists like Florida Georgia Line, Blake Shelton, and Jason Aldean were dominating the airwaves with songs about the same Country music cliches—girls, drinking, partying, and tractors. 

In retaliation, the newly established singer/songwriter duo Maddie + Tae co-wrote a tune titled ‘Girl in a Country Song’ that poked fun at the stereotypes about women and Country music’s tendency to objectify females in lyrics. The chorus  “being a girl in a country song, how in the world did it go so wrong?....we used to get a little respect, now we’re lucky if we even get to climb in your trunk and be the girl in a country song” summed up their complaint and quickly turned country music fans heads. ‘Girl in a Country Song’ climbed to the top of the charts, hitting platinum after only 23 weeks. But that wasn’t the only achievement the duo accomplished - the women started a movement for more women on country radio. 

Following their debut hit, Maddie + Tae  released a harmonizing ballad, ‘Fly,’ a song about finding courage in vulnerability. ‘Fly’ was released as the follow-up to ‘Girl in a Country Song,’ and received the 2016 Radio Disney Music Award for ‘Favorite Country Song.’ The award winning singer/songwriter duo have also earned trophies from the Country Music Academy along with multiple ACM, CMA and CMT Award nominations. In addition, the duo has toured with country music’s hottest stars including Carrie Underwood, Dierks Bentley, Brad Paisley and more. 

As accomplished songwriters, Maddie + Tae infuse firsthand experiences into their lyrics, and are continuously writing new music for their fans. They released a new song titled ‘Life Ain’t Fair’ on August 9, a “summertime sing-a-long about good friends, good vibes, and a lot of cheap wine.” 

Bringing the girl power to Savannah, Maddie + Tae will perform their chart-topping hits on Thurs., Sept. 23 at District Live at Plant Riverside District. Tickets are $35/person in advance and $40/person at the door.