When is it 'safe' to wear boots?


OK y'all, this topic, has some years of experience on it: like 30 years!

Everyone from Savannah knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

Ladies, in middle school we were so eager to pull out our boots on September 15! 

Our moms called us crazy, and everyone at school would give us odd looks (mainly because they were jealous they didn’t have the guts to do it first).

BUT, now we are all adults, so the question is: when can we actually wear boots?

When is it safe? 

READY? Let’s get into it!

I know there are some men that read my column as well, so don’t go harassing your lady about her boot collection! Let her be! I really appreciate all the support and feedback I get from you all!

Now, I love boots! As I grew they were part of my fall/winter shoe regimen (which stems from wearing a size 10/11), so if I found a cute pair, they were mine! 

Many women feel the same, but they are also extremely easy to wear.

There are a few different types of boots. Here are the main ones:

• Knee-high boots (casual and dressy)

• Booties (casual and dressy)

• Thigh-high boots (casual and dressy)

The casual and dressy versions have any and everything to do with the materials the boots are made of.

I’m a sucker for a bootie or a knee high boot. Not only am I tall, (and a lot of my pants are fitted so they slide right into any boot this style) but I have small ankles for my size, so the boots give me that balance I need with the extra space they have in the ankle area. 

I don’t have any real thigh-high boots, BUT, be very careful with these statement shoes, especially if you are short! 

I wouldn’t wear my boots any sooner than October, and if it’s more than 80 degrees during the day, I stick with booties—anything longer and you may look a little desperate.

We all know it gets hot in Savannah, so play it safe for the heat. It MAY BE CHILLY in the mornings, but we get that California forecast from time to time. 

So like I recommended in a previous column, take out a little of your “cooler” wardrobe bit by bit each month!

October starts this week, so make a point to go through your closet this weekend!

Email me some pictures you have!

Talk soon, fashionistas! 

Yours in Fashion,